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The Doozy Vape e-liquids have something for everyone. Whether you love a sweet candy or refreshing fruit flavour, we have got one to suit your taste buds. Take a puff of this sensational lemonade vape and you'll think the juice travelled from summer eternity to meet your lips! We can vouch that you won't be able to get enough of it. It's that good!

Looking for a juicy vape that will leave you quenched by an intense fruit flavour? Yearning for a sweet and sweet vape full of nuanced creaminess to tantalise your taste buds after dinner maybe caramel Tobacco in one hit.? Doozy Vape Co. has been delivering flavours from decadent desserts to delightful fruits. All Are delicately mixed to perfection so you can enjoy the rich mix of vimto crush, fizzy lemon. 

An e-cigarette is nothing without its nic salt e-liquid -- it's the gas fueling your vape smoke free ride! But while all liquids are pretty much alike at their core, what sets them apart often comes down to something as simple as personal preference.

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