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Pods & Cartridges

Pods & Cartridges


We stock a wide range of prefilled pods from industry-leading brands such as JUUL, Logic, and Vype Vuse. The majority of the products in our catalogue operate on a closed-pod system, which means that it has never been easier to change your empty pod for a new one. You can simply click in one of our pre filled pods and begin vaping. 

Each pod comes complete with e-liquid in your choice of 9mg or 18mg nicotine strength options. Browse through our collection and discover your new favourite vape pod sensation.


What are prefilled pods?

Prefilled pods slot into your device and prove to be a hassle-free way of replenishing your e liquid. These pods cannot be refilled, which means that when your pod is empty you can simply recycle it and choose a new one. Each product comes pre filled with your choice of e liquid flavouring as well as your preferred nicotine strength. These pods are part of a new generation of vape hardware that seeks to promote an easier, quicker, and more modern way to vape.

Who do we recommend prefilled pods for?

Prefilled pods are the ultimate product for vapers who want a simple, hassle-free experience. Accidental spills are a thing of the past with our range of pre filled pods. We recommend these products for people who focus more on their vape hit than their vape hardware. When purchasing pods, it is important to be aware of the nicotine strength options. Individuals who used to smoke ten or more cigarettes a day will be more satisfied with an 18mg pod, whereas people who smoked less might prefer our 9mg strength options.

How long do prefilled pods last for?

It is important to know that each brand in our selection of pre filled pods comes with a different amount of e liquid. Logic pods contain 1.7mls of e liquid and guarantee approximately 320 puffs, whereas JUUL pods contain 0.7mls of e liquid and provide roughly 200 puffs. We recommend Logic pods for our customers who want a longer lasting vape experience that they can rely on throughout the course of their hectic day. Individuals who use their device less might prefer the Logic pods. Of course, the amount of time that your pre filled pods last for depends entirely on your personal vaping style.

Prefilled pods at myCigara 

Here at myCigara, we understand that vape hardware maintenance can seem daunting. Our selection of pre filled pods remove the need for traditional tanks, which means that there is no need to worry about accidental spills, cleaning coils, or preserving your atomiser. When vapers browse through our collection of pods, they can rest assured that they are being introduced to quality hardware from innovative, customer-focused brands such as JUUL, Logic, and Vype.

Recommended Products

If you like pre filled pods, then pre filled pod systems are an essential part of your vape kit. We offer a wide range of reliable devices from recognised vape industry brands. Browse through our selection to discover fan favourite kits such as the JUUL starter kit and the Vype ePen 3 starter kit.