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Go on, you deserve a treat… Captivatingly fine, Joes Juice's PUD E liquids offer the ultimate in sweetness. With eight different flavours ranging from fruit to dessert-inspired strawberry milkshake, now you can indulge every time you with endless choices at hand. The flavors are so good that one whiff could satisfy your cravings for everything sweet all day long!

You'll find yourself thinking about dessert well into the night thanks to Joes Juice's PUD e-liquid collection. Whether it be fresh fruits or sticky sweet syrup concoctions like cinnamon bun Puds got what you need…unsatisfied sugar seekers will finally get theirs! Tailored for the most discerning vapers, PÜD has become synonymous with high-quality e liquids. A range of rich dessert flavours in a 50ml or 100ml Big Boys Bottle.

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