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Vype Vuse Pods Cartridges

Vype Vuse Pods Cartridges


Vype Vuse firmly established their reputation as a vape industry giant with the introduction of the Vype ePod and the Vype ePen 3. By implementing minimalistic design choices and a no-leak magnetic click-fit pod system, Vype champions products that are user-friendly, reliable, and easy-to-use. Each of these devices boasts a slimline structure along with a soft-touch compact design which allows them to fit snugly in the palm of your hand. You can pair your preferred device with Vype cartridges of your choice to create a seamless vape experience. Browse through our selection to discover vanilla medley, dark cherry, and many more flavourful sensations. 


Who are Vype Vuse?

Vype, also known as Vuse, made a name for themselves by creating pod systems that quickly became the most sought-after devices in the vape community. Known for their hassle-free systems and effective flavour production, the Vype ePen 3 and Vype ePod won the attention of many beginner, intermediary, and even advanced vapers. Both devices have gained fans across every skill set in the community, with the ePen 3 being voted the product of the year in 2019, and the ePod following closely after in 2020. Vype’s reputation for quality products does not end with their devices. We stock a selection of Vype refills that easily click into your preferred device and promise an immense flavour sensation.

Who do we recommend Vype Vuse products for?

Since the introduction of their iconic ePen 3 and ePod devices, Vype has amassed a following of beginner and more advanced vapers. Their ergonomic and compact design choices mean that their products are perfect for busy individuals who need a discrete device to use throughout the course of their busy day. We recommend the ePod for the ultimate effortless draw because it comes with a draw-activated mechanism and an efficient duck-bill design. The ePen 3 is no less reliable or efficient, but it does feature one tactile on/off activation button.

What are Vype Vuse refills?

Vype Vuse devices operate on a closed-pod system, which means that you will never have to refill your tank again. As well as eliminating the chance of accidental spills, this closed-pod system allows you to simply click-in your new Vype Vuse cartridge and begin vaping. Each refill, or pod as they are most commonly known, comes pre filled with an e liquid of your choice. You can choose between 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg variants to discover your favourite vape experience. Explore our range and find hidden gems like crisp mint, tropical mango, very berry, and a wide selection of other delicious sensations. 

Vype Vuse at myCigara

With a brand as renowned as Vype Vuse, exclusivity is important. Our customers shop with us because they know that we are always at the forefront of exclusive deals, new products, and, most importantly, limited edition hardware. We are proud to stock limited edition Vype vape products for our customers who want to experience a mint edition ePod Starter Kit or ePen 3 Starter Kit. Start your vape journey off in style with our range of limited edition devices, and stock up on our wide variety of compatible Vype Vuse vape cartridges. With our selection of flavourful refill options, you will never have to be without your Vype device.

Recommended Products

Once you have decided between the Vype ePod and the Vype ePen 3, it is time to stockpile your favourite flavours. When it comes to pod kit essentials, you can never have enough pre filled cartridges. Vapers from all over the UK love our selection of Vype cartridges because there is a product to suit every tastebud. People who crave a strong menthol hit to keep them going throughout the day will love our chilled mint and crisp mint refills, whereas more traditional vapers will love the taste of blended tobacco and fresh golden tobacco. There is a world of classic, refreshing, and fruity sensations to discover in our online vape shop. Browse today and discover your next flavour of the month.

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