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Vype Vape Kits


If you are looking for a vape kit that delivers on all fronts, look no further than the Vype ePen 3 and Vype ePod. Both devices have become synonymous with the Vype brand. They are designed with the adventurous vaper in mind. Their slimline nature, hassle-free click-fit magnetic refill system, and immense flavour production make them the ultimate vape kit for novice and advanced vapers alike. Vype is always coming out with variations on its standout sensation, and we are here to stock them. When you choose Vype, a full-bodied flavour experience is never too far away. Browse through our catalogue to discover which vape kit fits your preferences


What is Vype known for?

Far from the dime a dozen brands that capitalise on fleeting trends, Vype has carved out a niche for itself by focusing on one guiding principle. All of Vype’s vape kits are easy-to-use, which appeals to a lot of beginner, intermediary, and advanced vapers. Vype has become so popular in the UK that it will soon merge with its sister brand in the US, Vuse. This move comes as part of a cohesive brand strategy that you can read more about on our Vype brand blog.

Vype has become synonymous with vape pens. The Vype ePod and Vype ePen 3 stand out against the competition as the ultimate slimline devices. They are perfect for people who want an unobtrusive, uncomplicated vape experience that is backed by an immense flavour experience. These vape pens are so popular that they are now available in 25 countries worldwide.

What is the difference between the Vype ePen and the Vype ePod?

It might first seem like the differences between the Vype ePen and the Vype ePod are minimal. But these two e-cigarettes diverge when it comes to user experience. There is no doubt that both are slim, but the ePen 3 strikes a slightly more curved silhouette which makes it the go-to choice for people who want an ergonomic grip. The thin figure of the ePod e cigarette is not disrupted by a single button. Vapers can simply draw-activate the device and experience all the flavour sensations on offer in the Vype cartridge range. Some people might prefer the tactical on/off button that comes with the 3 device, which makes for a more focused user experience.

For a more comprehensive comparison, read our guide.

How to refill Vype?

Both the Vype ePen 3 and the Vype ePod are closed-pod systems. This means that they do not have the traditional tanks that come with other vape starter kits on the market. When it comes to refilling a Vype e-cigarette, you can simply click in a refill and begin vaping.

We stock over twenty different Vype cartridge flavours. Whether you are looking for traditional tobacco, menthol mint, or sweet strawberries, we have got you covered. Each pod is fitted with a magnetic click-fit system which means that it seamlessly slots into your chosen device. They also guarantee a leak-free refill.

You can find out more about the top five Vype refill flavours on our blog.

Who do we recommend Vype e-cigarettes for?

The Vype ePen 3 and Vype ePod are now available in 25 countries worldwide. These two signature devices gained popularity by offering a simple promise: a hassle-free vape experience. The click-fit magnetic cartridges, anti-leak technology, and quick-fire features appeal to novice and expert vapers alike.

Beginners love Vype e-cigarettes because the accompanying Vype refills come in a variety of nicotine strengths. With 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg options, there is something for everyone in our Vype cartridge catalogue. Beginner vapers can experiment with different strengths and even reduce their nicotine consumption as time goes on.

Even advanced vapers favour the great taste of Vype. Vype devices can be easily concealed and unobtrusively used. Their slimline nature and hassle-free system make them perfect for people who want to vape throughout the day.

Where to buy Vype products?

Vapers from all over the UK depend on us for their supply of Vype products. We have over twelve brick and mortar shops, which means that a friendly face is never too far away. Our team are always happy to talk you through the latest models, the best Vype refill flavours, and the most tried and tested devices.

When you buy products from our online vape shop, you can expect an excellent experience. We offer UK free delivery on all products, which means that you can find your new favourite device for competitive prices.

Recommended Products

If you like the Vype ePen 3 or the Vype ePod, you will love the limited-edition versions. Both vape starter kits have a distinctive sleek silhouette. They have amassed a large following of image-conscious vapers who want to combine full flavour with an aesthetic appeal.

The limited-edition version of the ePen offer firm fans the opportunity to indulge their senses. The Vype ePen 3 Limited Edition Vape Starter Kit comes with a stylish teal finish that makes the soft-touch design cooler than ever. It comes complete with two mint Vype cartridge refills that are sure to add extra pep to your step. Complete with a 650mAh internal battery, magnetic click-fit design, and a tactile on/off button, this limited edition vape kit is perfect for vapers who want a full flavour experience without the hassle.

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