A Guide To E-Cig Starter Kits

Choosing your first e-cigarette can be a confusing and difficult task as there are so many e-cig starter kits available from leading brands with different features and capabilities. Even though there are vape kits aimed specifically at beginners, e-cig manufacturers still produce quality vaping products that are unique and customisable. Before choosing your vape starter kit, it's important new vapers identify and understand their desired features.

There are many questions new e-cig users need to consider before they purchase their first vape kit. From battery requirements and cost to functionality, size and practicality, there can be many determining factors in deciding on your first e-cig. If you're a former smoker making the switch to vaping, it will be helpful to know how many cigarettes you smoke per day.

Model and Specifications

For a simplistic vaping experience, a vape pen-style vape starter kit is a good option for many new vapers as they're easy to refill, maintain and use. A vape pen normally has just two parts; a battery and a vape tank. Many users elect for vape pens as the experience and shape is similar to that of a traditional cigarette. A good vape-pen style choice that's popular in the vaping community is the Smok Vape Pen 22. Many early e-cigs that you may be familiar with, such as cig-a-like e-cigarettes, were created in in this style to replicate the traditional tobacco cigarette smoking experience. However, e-cigs like this usually lack the battery power, variation of e-liquid flavours and quality to be used to vape consistently.

As e-cigarettes have evolved, e-cig starter kits have evolved too, and e-cigs with an array of functional and customisable features are available. Vape starter kits with the more popular box mod with vape tank are available too, with features such as variable voltage, variable wattage, OLED screens and other crafty attributes.


Some vape kits are charged by a USB and some have internally built-batteries. Factors to consider when determining your first vape kit may be the practicality of your vaping and battery life. Most e-cigarette devices that use interchangeable batteries are powered by 18650 batteries. Lifespan and power depends on the mAh. There are pros and cons to both internal batteries and interchangeable batteries. The advantages of using interchangeable batteries is that you can replace your battery when it dies with another. Conversely, with an internal battery, the user doesn't need a charger for their batteries and can simply plug their device in via USB.