A Guide To Nicotine Strength

For people who are new to vaping, or people who have recently quit smoking, starting life with your e-cig can be a confusing experience. There's a lot to think about when you're buying e-liquids for the first time. If you're an ex-smoker that depends on nicotine, replacing that nicotine content is crucial to kicking your addiction, so it's important that the correct mg content is purchased. Smokers usually crave that 'throat hit', meaning heavier smokers will prefer e-liquids with larger nicotine content.

Different e-liquids have different miligram concentrations. Due to Tobacco Products Regulations, the largest nicotine content a UK e-liquid can have is 20mg, meaning e-liquids range between 0mg and 20mg. Those who are switching cigarettes for e-cigs are advised to begin with a heavier e-liquid nicotine flavour, before steadily vaping less miligrams over time. E-liquids from myCigara are the same price regardless of their nicotine content.


- With no nicotine content, 0mg e-liquids are best suited to those whose cravings are more fixated on the oral process of smoking or vaping, or those who enjoy the social aspect.


- Low miligram high VG juices are suited to sub-ohm vapers. Otherwise, vapers who are using e-liquids from this miligram range enjoy a very little amount of nicotine, or could be close to kicking their habit.


- High VG 6mg juices are still an option for sub-ohm vapers, but some people may consider this juice too strong. Regular vapers that are used to smoking a few cigarettes a day may also enjoy this concentration.


- Ideal for people that normally smoke half a pack of cigarettes per day, 12mg e-liquids offer a good throat hit whilst delivering good flavour and vapour.


- The highest levels of nicotine in e-liquid available, liquids in this category are suited to heavy smokers, used to smoking a pack per day or more.

Unlike cigarettes, vaping can be a complicated activity. With e-cigs, coils, tanks, e-liquids and manuals to read and think about, many people are perturbed and can go back to smoking. One of MyCigara's biggest goals is to ensure its customer is looked after and given all of the information they require to vape. If you require any further information on e-liquid nicotine concentrations, please get in touch with a member of our experienced team.