A Guide To Shake & Vape E-Liquids

Rather than the conventional 10ml e-liquid bottle containing a variable nicotine concentration, shake & vape e-liquids give the vaper a large quantity of nicotine-less e-juice with a nicotine shot, which the user then mixes themselves. Growing in popularity, many of the biggest e-liquid manufacturers are now creating shake & vapes, also known as e-liquid shortfills.

The total millilitres that the vaper receives is variable - for example, from 50ml + a 10ml nicotine shot to 55ml + 10ml. The user must be wary of the amount of nicotine they're vaping. Shake & Vape e-liquids from myCigara are 3mg once the shot has been added to the juice.

Here is a quick guide to preparing and mixing your shake & vape e-liquid.

  1. 1. Add your preferred amount of the nic shot to the 0mg nicotine e-liquid.

  2. 2. Seal the bottle and shake well to ensure the two liquids are well mixed.

  3. 3. Leave for approximately 10-20 minutes until the bubbles have settled.

  4. 4. Fill your vape tank with the e-liquid. 

Once you add the nicotine shot to the juice, it's very important that you shake the liquid well before use to ensure that the product is properly mixed. Once you've mixed your shake & vape e-liquid, you should leave for approximately 10-20 minutes until the bubbles have settled. You should repeat this exercise before refilling your vape tank to ensure the nicotine is evenly distributed. You may be familiar with many of the brands and flavours that are now working with shake & vapes and e-liquid short fills. 

Shake & Vape Liquids at myCigara

There are many benefits to buying shake & vape e-liquids rather than 10ml bottles or multipacks at myCigara. Shake & Vapes give the vaper are bigger container for the e-juice, as the maximum bottle size under TPD regulations allowed with nicotine content is 10ml. With shortfills, vapers can simply carry on bottle when out and about rather than multiple 10ml e-liquid bottles.

Vapers can control their nicotine intake using shake & vape e-liquids. If you only require a little bit of nicotine, you can add the nic shot accordingly. Overtime, vapers use of shake & vapes will improve and could even become more efficient and cost-effective.

Our range of short fills includes liquids from the likes of Vape Dinner Lady, Nasty Juice, Kilo, Double Drip, Vape Breakfast Classics and many, many more. 

Visit our range of shake & vape e-liquids at myCigara to see which e-liquid short fills are currently available. Our collection of shortfill includes the most popular flavours from the biggest brands.