Charging Your E-Cig Battery

Generally, e-cigs are either powered by internally built e-cig batteries or changeable batteries that the user will charge with an e-cigarette battery charger. It's very important that you properly read the instruction manual when you're charging your e-cig and consult experts if needed.

With chargeable batteries, such as an 18650 or 20700 battery, the user can charge their e-cig batteries with their vape charger and carry extra batteries in case one or more dies. To charge changeable e-cig batteries, you can use e-cigarette battery chargers such as Digichargers. It is important that you do not try to charge your changeable batteries whilst they're in the device via USB.

On most e-cig mods, the LED screen will have a battery life indicator to inform the user when the battery is sufficiently charged. Similarly, e-cig battery chargers will use green LEDs to display the charging process. E-cig batteries are designed for frequent use, so for the best performance, you should use and charge your battery on a regular basis.

Internal e-cigarette batteries are only compatible with 1 amp battery supplies. The charger you use should be the one that is provided with your e-cig kit, or bought separately with the correct specifications from our store. It is potentially dangerous if you misuse or fail to properly look after your e-cig battery, so it's important that vapers are properly armed with a range of safety tips. (See our guide to Safety With Your E-Cigarette)

Charging Your Vape Battery From myCigara

myCigara provide a substantial range of e-cigarettes, including Vape Kits with Replaceable Batteries and Vape Kits with Internal Batteries. Internal battery life is measured by mAh (milliampere). The bigger than mAh, the longer the battery life, and subsequently, the less you'll need to charge your internal battery.

Of course, vapers should consider their vaping lifestlye before buying a vape kit with an internal battery. A 650mAh battery lasts normally between 4-6 hours vaping, whereas a 2200mAh battery should last between 18-22 hours.

All of our Vape Kits with Internal Batteries include a charger, so you can get vaping straight away. This is one of the many advantages of an internal battery kits, particuarly for beginners.

With replaceable batteries, mods and vape kits sold at myCigara are powered either by 18650 batteries or 20700 batteries, which are not normally included with Vape Kits and Mods, and will need to be bought separately (check product description).

Everything you need to buy and charge your 18650 or 20700 batteries is available at myCigara with our vape accessories.