How To Clean Your Vape Tank

As e-cigarettes are used, dirt and gunk can accumulate over time, and it's important that vapers clean their vape tank on a regular basis.

The more you vape, the more you'll need to change your coil and clean your tank. The frequency of cleaning is totally dependant on the vaper, however, the average coil change and vape tank clean is between two and half weeks. If a vape tank isn't cleaned, the e-cig may not perform to its capacity and the technology can be affected by overuse.

If your vape tank is producing a burnt flavour rather than the original e-liquid or if the e-liquid is an usual brown rather that its original colour, it's normally time to change your coil and clean your tank. You should also consider cleaning your vape tank if your tank, mod or e-cig has residue from the e-liquid. Most vape tanks on e-cigarettes nowerdays can be dismantled, cleaned, refilled and refitted ready for vaping, where as in the early days of e-cigs many tanks were disposable.

A Guide To Cleaning Your Vape Tank Or Clearomiser

1 – Turn off the battery - Before you dismantle your vape kit, it's important that you turn your battery off safely. Please view your device's manual if you're not sure of how to turn your e-cigarette battery off.

2 – Disassemble Device - Once safely turned off, you should begin disassembling your e-cig, starting with unscrewing or removing your vape tank from the battery.

3 – Disassemble Tank - The element of the vape tank that you need to clean is the glass, so the user should disassemble the vape tank so the glass can be individually washed, cleaned and dried.

4 – Clean the glass - To clean the glass of the vape tank, you will need a bowl with warm water and cleaning tools and products. Consider using an alcohol like vodka to clean and break down e-juice residue. Once you've rinsed the glass, you should wipe all with paper towels and leave to properly dry for 10-15 minutes.

5 – Reassemble Device