Safety With Your E-Cigarette

You may have seen reports of e-cigs and vaporisers combusting, exploding or catching fire in the media or on social media, and it's very important that you handle your e-cig battery safely. According to statistics, around 80% of explosions happen whilst charging. It's important that you follow the charging guidelines from your e-cig manual.

Here are some key tips to safety with your e-cigarette and e-cig battery:

  1. Do not keep your e-cig in your pocket with phones, coins or other metals
  2. Only buy authentic products from licensed e-cig distributors with good reputations
  3. Do not store or charge your e-cig batteries in extreme temperatures
  4. Ensure battery compatibility with e-cig battery chargers
  5. Read instruction manual carefully
  6. Do not use damaged or leaking batteries
  7. Do not leave your e-cig battery charging overnight
  8. Do not allow your e-cig battery to contact water

Always Use The Correct E-Cig Charger

To charge and use your vape kit with internal batteries safely, it's important that you always use the battery charger that the kit was bought with. You should never use a charger that was not created for use with your internal e-cig battery, as doing so could cause serious damage to you or your e-cig. The e-cig battery charger that's included in your vape kit was designed specifically for your battery mod, providing the perfect level of charge. Using a makeshift charger, such as a smartphone or tablet charger, could provide too high of a current and risk wrecking or combusting your internal battery. In addition, you should never charge your e-cigarette battery overnight or leave the battery charging unattended.

Looking After Your E-Cig Battery

E-cigarette batteries can become dangerous when not charged or handled properly. If your internal battery is overcharged, has sustained physical damage or has been over discharged, then the battery could be dangerously unstable and should not be used.

If your internal battery is dropped or sustains a knock, you should scrupulously inspect the battery to check for any dents or obvious damage. If the battery has obviously sustained damage, you should have it properly disposed of immediately. If there is no visible damage, carefully use your e-cig battery and check routinely for any damage.

Understanding mAh

When charging your e-cigarette battery, you should never charge at a higher amp than specified by your user manual or manufacturer information. mAh stands for milliampere hour, and shows the maximum capacity of the battery when fully charged. An e-cig battery with a higher mAh will last longer than a battery with a lower mAh, meaning lower mAh e-cig batteries will need to be charged more regularly.

Calculating the correct amps level to charge your e-cig battery is simple. The mAh rate of your battery should be moved by three decimal points to the left. Here are a few examples.

  • 1300 mAh = Maximum 1.3 amp
  • 5000 mAh = Maximum 5.0 amp

Safely Charging Your Replaceable Batteries

E-cigarettes with replaceable batteries normally use 18650, 18350 or 20700 batteries, which are specially designed to provide power for various regulated and unregulated mods. Usually, these batteries are not included in vape kits, nor are they available with chargers, so the replaceable battery charger will need to be purchased elsewhere.

Before buying your replaceable e-cigarette battery charger, it's important that you buy the correct charger for your replaceable batteries.