What Are E-Cig Coils?

E-cig coils or coil heads, which are sometimes called atomizer heads, are the component of the e-cig tank that have a heating element and a wick to produce the vapour that is inhaled by the user. There are various elements to the e-cig coil, and it’s important that you use the correct e-cig coil for your vape tank. Coils can be made from a wide range of materials, but is most commonly constructed of kanthal and the wick from cotton.

As the vaping industry has evolved, users now replace their coils, and should do so on a regular basis to maintain their e-cigarette and get the best possible flavour and vapour. Replacing your coils is more efficient and cost effective than discarding the entire device or clearomizer. How often you change your coil depends on how often you vape. Usually, coils last between 1-2 weeks, but if you vape more often, you'll probably find yourself replacing your e-cig coil more frequently. Moreover, vapers using thicker e-liquid may find that their coils incur gunk at a faster rate.

Coils contain a wick and a coil bundle that heat up and atomise the e-liquid, and the wick and coil bundle rest of a base that connects coil wire to negative and the positive to the battery pin. They also include a stem that diverts vapour and a seal for containing excess e-juice.

Each e-cig coil has an ohm measurement. An ohm, in case you’re unaware, is a unit of measurement in electrical resistance, and the vaping experience is very much dependant on the ohm level the vaper chooses.

Replacing My Vape Coils

Although the frequency of coil change will depend largely on your vaping lifestyle, you will find yourself needing to change coils on a fairly regular basis. When coils are nearing the end of their lifespan, you will notice that the yummy or delicious e-liquid flavour is no longer yummy or delicious, and tastes burnt. You will also notice that your once fluffy vape clouds are much less impressive and there's a different, strange noise when you inhale. 

Vape coils burn out or die when a wire coil has worn out or the wick has burned. This is completely normal and if you're a regular vaper you should consider buying a few replacement coils so you're stocked up.

The method to change coils depends on your device and vape tank, but the methods are fairly universal, and you'll likely get the hang of it after vaping for a few weeks. With top or bottom fill vape tanks and sub-ohm vape tanks, you'll see a stem element in the centre of the tank which passes air through air holes over the coil and into the mouth of the vaper.

Usually, the coil is attached to this stem in the centre of the tank. To access it, simply unscrew, remove or detach your tank from the mod and remove any remaining e-liquid from your clearomiser. Then simply unscrew the coil and replace it with a new one.

Do not press the fire button with dry coils and with no e-liquid in tank as it could burn the wick instantly and waste your atomizer head. Always ensure you've soaked the wick and refilled your tank and allowed a few minutes for the wick to properly absorb some e-liquid.

How Do I Make My Coils Last Longer?

Many vapers that want to save money on coils or strive for hassle-free vaping with infrequent coil changes can do little things to ensure their lifespan lasts as long as possible. Vapers generally apply just a drop of e-liquid to the coils so they don't burn out. The lifespan of coils is affected by voltage, wattage and resistance, frequency of use as well as type of e-liquid.

For vapers looking to save coils, you could consider more PG heavy e-liquids rather than high VG e-liquids, as PG heavy e-liquid generally incurs less residue.

Vape Coils from myCigara

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