What Are E-Cig Mods?

The term e-cig mod can refer to the battery element of an e-cigarette that produces the power, or it could be used to describe the complete e-cig. As innovation and design has prospered within the industry over the years, e-cig mods are now available in a wide range of shapes and styles, with a wide range of technological features and attributes that can be the selling point for any user.

When the e-cigarette first became available, e-cig mod designs were intended to replicate the traditional cigarette, both in terms of shape and vapour delivery. As development and innovation was scarce within the industry during this period, the battery life, e-liquid capacity and technological features were limited. Now, e-cig mods are as spectacular, intuitive and versatile as you can imagine.

E-cig mods are now armed with bigger batteries that power the e-cig for longer, and power features like LED displays, temperature control, variable wattage and voltage and more. Vapers often enjoy changing their mods and experimenting with new and advanced vaping elements and methods on a regular basis, and myCigara is committed to providing a great range of vaping hardware and e-cig mods for the vaping community. Our range of vape mods at myCigara contains a range the most popular and most capable products available on the market.

Regulated Vape Mods vs Unregulated Vape Mods

Regulated mods and unregulated mods are very different e-cigarette devices providing very different vaping experiences, and are one of the most common ways to categorise different e-cigs. With two completely different electrical designs, beginners can benefit by learning and understanding the differences between regulated vape mods and unregulated vape mods before choosing their first e-cigarettes.

Regulated Vape Mod Features

Regulated vape mods feature a chipset which adds the array of features and functionality that vapers are familiar with today. Better suited to beginners, vapers that want an easy vaping experience and those transitioning from regular cigarettes, regulated vape mods are known for their array of features and safety features.

Regulated mods have an array of variable and functional features, including variable wattage, temperature control, output modes, bypass modes, memory modes, interactive and intuitive LED screens and many more, which is made possible by the advanced chips in vaping devices.

Safety features are also commonly associated with regulated vape mods, making regulated mods more reliable and safer, particularly for beginners. Features such as short circuit protection, low voltage protection and temperature protection are usually integrated in regulated vape mods.

Unregulated Vape Mod Features

Often referred to as a mech mod or mechanical mod, an unregulated vape mod is very different from a regulated vape mod. myCigara do not recommend advanced vape mods to beginners or new vapers. If you're going to use an unregulated mod, it's important that you gain experience, conduct research and are well emersed in vaping and safety with batteries.

The biggest difference between unregulated vape mods and regulated vape mods is the incredible power. Unregulated vape mods are generally more powerful and do not regulate the battery. This means that the life remaining on the battery determines the wattage provided. The lower the battery life, the less power is provided. Essentially, unregulated vape mod batteries give it their all until they flatline, whereas a regulated vape mod provides the same wattage regardless of battery life.

Unregulated vape mods have far fewer features than regulated vape mods, and virtually no safety or protective features. This is because unregulated vape mods don't have chipsets, providing a raw, yet powerful vaping experience, with few variable features an no LED screen.

Vape Pen Mods

Replicating the cylinder shape of regular, combustible cigarettes, pen-style mods are often the preferred choice for starters kits and those trying to quit smoking. Vape pen mods are known for their simplicity and high performance. Easy to use and maintain, the vape pen mods usually have good internal battery life, vape any e-liquid, includes variable features and provide fantastic flavour and vapour. Moreover, pen-style mods usually come with a vape tank so vapers can get started straight away.