What Are E-Cig Tanks?

The e-cig tank completes the vaping process, storing the e-liquid and containing the coil that heats the e-liquid creating the inhalable vapour for the e-cig user. E-cig tanks are available in a variety of styles to cater for all vapers and vapour delivery preferences.

There are different e-liquid tank capacities available, but they are capped at 2ml under regulations from the Tobacco Products Directive. Initially, like most other elements of the e-cig, the e-cig tank was exceedingly simple, but as the vaping industry has developed and diversified, e-cig tanks are packed with more and more features and attributes, many of which are customisable and variable. Common features of vape tanks and clearomizers include adjustable airflow, temperature control options, multiple filling systems and styles, top airflow and more.

You might be familiar with many ranges of tanks and clearomizers, and many of the most popular are available from myCigara.com. These range from the TFV8, to the iSub series to Cleito.