What Does Adjustable Airflow Do?

Almost all vape tanks, clearomizers and rebuildable dripping atomizers available on the e-cig market today have an adjustable airflow option, and if you properly understand your adjustable airflow controls, you can seriously alter and improve your vaping experience. Vapers can control airflow by using an adjustable ring or twisting blades on their tank or atomizer. Most e-cigarette tanks and devices have multiple options to adjust airflow, with differing levels between open and fully closed vents. Many devices have varying boreholes in the adjustment ring which offers an array of airflow options for the user.

The more the airflow vents are closed, the tighter and more condensed the vape, similar to the feel of a traditional cigarette. By restricting airflow to the coil, the device produces more intense vapour and an increased nicotine hit. If you're an ex-smoker, you may prefer to less airflow as the experience is more similar to tobacco cigarettes.

If your airflow is fully open, the vaper is drawing in more air into the coil, which will provide less flavour but more vapour as the output is less intense.

If you decrease airflow, you may find that you have to change your coil more often. When purchasing your vape tank, it's a good idea to research the specifications and airflow settings to maximise your vaping experience and find your ideal airflow.