Which E-Liquid Is Right For Me?

Gone are the days where electronic cigarettes deliver a bland flavour to imitate cigarettes. Today, e-liquids are available in an array of flavours, from fruits and desserts to creams and drinks, as well as traditional tobacco flavours. The incredible range of flavours is a great advantage of vaping; rather than just smoking the same flavour every time, there's limitless flavours out there to be tried and tested. Many beginners may buy a whole range of flavours, just to find their ideal e-liquid.

E-Liquid manufacturers aren't just shadowy figures behind the industry; they can be superstars if they make their liquid well enough. You may be familiar with industry giants Vape Dinner Lady, Vampire Vape and others, that have perfected their e-liquids thanks to conducting thorough research and continually developing their recipes.

To find the right e-cig liquid for you, visit our range. You will find spectacular ranges from our site. If you're a long time smoker looking for an easy transition, you will likely enjoy e-liquids replicating the flavour of tobacco. Research shows that more advanced vapers prefer more experimental flavours such as various fruits, desserts and sweets.

Most Popular E-Liquids For Beginners

According to research from several studies, e-liquid flavours are a massive driving force behind helping smokers quit their habits. Without fruity, dessert and adventurous vape flavours, many studies argue that vapers may return to traditional cigarettes. A 20,000-wide survey has found that the flavours that help most smokers quit cigarettes and pick up the e-cig are fruity flavours.

E-Liquid With Vaping Hardware

Vapers also should consider their vaping setup or device. Many mods, tanks and coils work differently, and suit certain e-liquid flavours, e-liquid compositions and nicotine content differently also.

With MTL (mouth-to-lung) vape tanks, higher PG, thinner e-liquids are ideal. Smokers who are new to vaping will probably be most suited to mouth-to-lung devices as they're more accommodating for higher nicotine content and provide that throat hit. With less airflow and juice flow, MTL vape tanks don't really provide flavour and vapour quit like sub-ohm vape tanks, but still provide good flavour for beginners. 

A PG-heavy, thinner, nicotine-heavy e-liquid with good flavour should be ideal with MTL tanks. Beginners may prefer tobacco flavours, but could also explore fantastic options with PG-heavy fruit, dessert, sweet and drink flavours.

Sub-ohm vape tanks are about as different from MTL tanks as you could imagine. With larger airflow and larger lung hits, you will find your e-liquid is consumed at a faster rate. However, sub-ohm vape tanks are known for their incredible flavour and vapour production, and are key to experiencing the best e-liquid flavours. 

Fruit, dessert, drinks and sweety flavours are all desireable options for sub-ohm tank users, and you should consider trying lots of e-liquid flavours by different brands to find your preferred e-juice with a sub-ohm vape tank.