Vape Starter Kits

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10 Item(s)

If you're new to vaping, you could easily be overwhelmed or confused by e-cigarettes and accessories. There are so many e-cig styles and components associated with the vaping community. There's a lot to take in, from box mods to pen vapes, coils to tanks, variable wattage to temperature control. myCigara simplify the process so you can get the right e-cig starter kit for you and begin your vaping journey.

To ensure you receive the maximum value for your money, myCigara vape starter kits include a battery, a tank, a coil, a USB charger and even in some cases a liquid. If you buy one of our stunning starter kits, you will receive all you need to start vaping with a simple and easy-to-use device. Starter kits are characterised by their functionality, size and practicality. Our selection of starter kits includes box mods, vape pens and all-in-one systems.

Our range of vape starter kits are from leading e-cigarette brands such as Aspire, Innokin and Smok.