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4 Item(s)

E-Cig Mods by Cigara

Cigara offers a wide range of top quality and intensely tested e-cig mods that redefine and reimagine the vaping experience. Whether you’re looking for increased vapour production, variable voltage or unique customisation and functionality, Cigara has the right e-cig mod for you.

With an array of box mods, vape pens and tube-style e-cigarette mods available for low prices, Cigara provide a comprehensive range of mods from the best brands available, including Asmodus, Aspire, Innokin, Limitless Mod Co, Smok, Kangertech and more.

Some regard the trialling and testing of mods as a hobby or lifestyle, so it’s very important a reputable e-cig provider like Cigara supplies the vaping community with a fresh and diverse range of exciting and high performing e-cig mods.