Electronic Cigarette Vape Tanks

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7 Item(s)

The vape tank is the element that heats up as the vaper uses the e-cig and holds the juice which creates the vapour. The choice of vape tank is dependent on the requirements and preferences of the vaper. Different vape tanks have different features and specifications, and there are a wide range of tank systems available from myCigara. Whether you want a tank that delivers delicious e-liquid flavour or wonderfully fluffy clouds, there's a vape tank from myCigara for you.

From sub-ohm tanks to RBAs and more, myCigara provides only the finest vape tanks from leading e-cig brands such as Innokin, Smok and Aspire.

myCigara offer a uniquely useful service in which the needs of the customer are put first. If you have any queries about our vape tanks or vaping, our experienced and capable staff are on hand to assist you on your vaping journey.