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Our wide selection of multibuy bundle deals are designed to suit every preference, vaping style, and budget. Vapers from all over the country love browsing through our range because they know that they will find vape bundles for sale at a reasonable price. With our tailor made vape packages, it has never been easier to buy all of your vape essentials in once place.

Discover the nostalgic taste of Dinner Lady and Jammin’s dessert-inspired range today with our mix and match e liquid deals. Or why not venture into the tropics with the fruity and flavourful taste of SQZD and Nasty Juice’s fan favourite flavours?

Our online vape shop also stocks hardware vape bundles that are ideal for people who want the complete package. We know that it can be daunting for beginners to find the right vape kit for their personal needs that also has all of the essential elements. With our pod and hardware bundles, you can buy everything you need to start your vape journey at once. 

Salt Nic Mix and Match Vape Bundle Deals

Nic salts are an alternative to e liquids. In recent years, a lot of vapers have transitioned from e liquids to nicotine salts because they typically contain higher nicotine concentrates and create a smoother throat hit. Not to mention the fact that nic salts are absorbed into the bloodstream faster than traditional e liquids, which means that vapers can experience a quicker hit from smoking with this alternative form of nicotine.

Since nic salts exploded onto the UK vape industry scene, several leading brands have created delicious vape sensations in a variety of different flavours. Here at Cigara, we offer a 5 for £20 multi buy offer on nic salts from industry leaders such as Juice N Power, Nasty Fix, and Dinner Lady, to name just a few of the brands that form our cheap vape juice bundles.

Our customers love the fact that we offer a mix and match deal on all nic salts in this offer because it means that they can try as many delicious flavours as they want. Discover your new all-day-vape nic salt today with our affordable vape bundle deals.

Shortfill Mix and Match Vape Bundle Deals

Shortfill products are also referred to as shake and vape, a name which refers to the bottle itself rather than the e liquid contained inside it. Shake and vape bottles leave enough space for vapers to add in their own 10ml nic shot. For example, a 60ml bottle of Nasty Juice Cush Man Strawberry will only contain 50mls of the fruity mixture.

We stock a large selection of shortfills because we know that our more advanced customers appreciate the ability to tailor their vape experience to their preferences and add in their own nicotine strength. Our 3 for £35 cheap vape juice bundles are designed to provide everything a shortfill enthusiasts needs for a satisfying vape experience. This deal includes three shortfill choices from tried and tested brands such as Dinner Lady, Juice N Power, and Nasty Juice, alongside three free nic shots. At just £35, it has never been easier to find vape juice bundles cheap.

Explore our nic shot range to find your perfect nicotine concentrate.

E Liquid Brand Vape Bundles

E liquids are an essential part of any beginner, intermediary, or advanced vaper’s experience. Without e liquids, there would be no basis for shortfills or nic salts. Here at
Cigara, we believe in returning to the basics because we know that each and every e liquid in our range is bursting with an unforgettable flavour experience.

Our selection of e liquid vape bundle deals offer a range of affordable products from much-loved brands. You can choose a mix and match option and receive a combination of two S:lush, Dripp, or Jammin e liquids for just £20. Alternatively, if you have your eye on a specific brand, you can opt for three juicy SQZD e liquids for £25, or 2 for £25 on Pachamama and Twelve Monkeys 50ml e liquids.

All in One Vape Bundles

We have crafted our all in one vape bundle section for beginners who would rather jump headfirst into their vape journey without the hassle of matching up coils, devices, and e liquids. Our customers love these multi buy offers because they can be purchased for personal use or as a gift for a friend or family member who is interested in quitting smoking and transitioning to vaping.

There are two types of bundles in our all in one kits. The pod bundles come complete with the device itself and either one or two additional packs of prefilled pods. Because pods contain all of the elements needed to create a functional vape experience, there is no need for coils. The second type of vape bundles for sale in this section include traditional vape devices that come with both e liquids and coils.

If you are looking for a reliable hardware device that comes with all of the essential pieces of vape hardware needed to create a satisfying vape experience, look no further than our all in one bundle deals. 

Pod Vape Bundles

We have created pod bundles because they add another element of effortlessness to the easy-to-use designs in-built in our wide selection of prefilled pods. Our customers love prefilled pods because they remove the hassle of refilling traditional tanks, and they simply click into compatible devices.

Vype enthusiasts cannot get enough of our 4 for £19.99 deal that offers them a selection of seven intense ePen flavours. People who prefer traditional tastes should opt for golden tobacco, whereas more adventurous vapers might want to try out the sweet and smooth combination of infused vanilla. Whichever flavour tickles your tastebuds, you can get them in cheap vape juice bundles with us. 

Disposable Kit Vape Bundles

Our disposables range has been designed for vapers who are always on-the-go. We know that our customers cannot live without their vape pen. Disposables prove to be a suitable back up in case your main device breaks, loses power, or simply goes missing. Because of the nature of disposable pens, there is no need for chargers, tanks, or additional e liquid. These devices come prefilled with a vape juice of your choice.

Despite being small, our range delivers quality vape experiences again and again. We have chosen to include Dinner Lady and Nasty Fix disposables in our curated range because these brands have stood the rest of time. Order our 4 for £18.99 vape bundle today and receive four prefilled disposable pens in your choice of fourteen different flavours. Prepare for the unexpected with our emergency disposable pen multi buy bundle deals. 

Bundle deals at myCigara

Our large selection of multi buy offers have been created with our customers in mind. Vapers from all over the country love our bundles because they make stocking up on your favourite e liquids and hardware brands easier and more affordable than ever before. What’s more, our UK free delivery policy means that there are no unexpected costs.

Customers can expect to find their favourite products from industry-leading brands such as Pachamama, Dinner Lady, Twelve Monkeys, and even more household names. Browse through our bundle deals to discover delicious flavours and modern tech that delivers satisfying vape experiences time and time again.  

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