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John, 28, is a post graduate who is in the process of completing a PhD. He was a heavy chain smoker, using cigarettes as a way to get him through all-nighters during deadlines.

He decided to quit smoking after seeing how much it was costing him his health and financially. He had attempted to quit before but was always pulled back to it due to habit and existing smoker friends.

After quitting, he found that he had more spare funds at the end of the month and was able to start working out more without getting tired. He smoked his last cigarette on September 10th 2018. 

how he quit

John was able to quit after visiting his GP who talked him through different options and alternatives to smoking. He ended up choosing vaping as a means to quit and used his local Stop Smoking Service to help with motivation and progress tracking. He began by using a Smok Nord Pod device for its ease of use and topped it off with 6mg 70VG / 30PG e-liquid. Later, as he got more familiar with devices, he switched to a sturdier Smok Morph vape kit that suited his new vaping habits.

His favourite e-liquid flavour is Vampire Vape Heisenberg. 


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"Like a breath of fresh air."

Vaping gave me a new lease of life that I didn't know I needed.


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"I quit for my children."

After switching to vaping, I'm able to keep up with my kids when they play.