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Our E Liquids Brands


Cigara Originals has amassed a following of beginners who are just starting their vape journey. Having sprung from our very own research and development team, Cigara Originals benefits from all the years that we have been part of the vape community. This brand replicates the authentic taste of classics like coffee, cherry, and menthol so that you can experience your favourite flavours in an e liquid form. Start your journey off right with these unforgettable sensations.

My Bakery offers sweet treats at competitive prices. Our customers love My Bakery because it allows them to indulge in the taste of their childhood. This is the best e liquid brand for people who have a sweet tooth. Browse through delectable experiences and discover everything from strawberry cheesecake to cookies and cream vape juice. Find your new favourite all-day-vape option and travel back to sweeter times.

Ohm Sweet Ohm delivers on all fronts with full bodied sweet-inspired flavours and immense, dense cloud production. This is one of the best vape brands for sub ohm vapers who do not want to compromise on flavour or clouds. Treat your senses to an unforgettable vape experience with the fun flavour of raspberry sherbet and more refined classics like black jack.

S:LUSH is one of the best vape just brands for sub ohm vapers because each product comes complete with a 70VG/30PG composition. A high vegetable glycerin ratio is essential for producing the thick plumes of vapour that cloud chasers cannot live without. This brand focuses on fruity flavours that pack an icy menthol punch. Explore tropical delights and bubblegum memories with this fun brand.

We love JU:ICED because their e liquid collection has something for everyone. With everything from Heisenberg, blackcurrant lemonade, and purple grape, this vape brand has firmly defined itself as a company that will cater to all tastes. Each product comes complete with an icy exhale, which makes it perfect for our customers who prefer a refreshing dose of flavourful juice to get them through the day.  


Dinner Lady burst onto the vape UK scene with an instant classic. This brand’s iconic lemon tart flavour places it firmly in the ranks of the best e cig liquid brand for dessert lovers. Creamy meringue, tongue twisting citrus zest, and lemon curd all combine together to deliver rich sensations time after time. Following the success of their lemon tart starter liquid, Dinner Lady branched out to include shake & vape and nic salt lemon tart options.

Buddha Vapes has built their brand around immense plumes of vapour. Sub ohm vapers can experience the best of both worlds with Buddha Vapes’ clouds and intense flavour sensations. Their e liquid recipes contain a 70VG/30PG composition, which makes this one of the best e liquid brands for people who want vapour that they can rely on. Their shortfill range is bursting with fruity sensations, whilst their nic salt selection delivers an effective nicotine hit.

Element hit the ground running when they introduced their delicious vape juice blends into the UK market. Their Emulsion range pairs together unlikely flavour combinations in products like fresh squeeze and crema, limon and watermelon chill, and strawberry whip and banana nut. We recommend this brand for more adventurous vapers who want to move away from traditional tastes and instead try innovative concoctions.

Nasty Juice’s products are full of bold flavours and uncompromising combinations. Their range of nic salts and shortfill options are recognised throughout the vape community for their high-quality ingredients. We love Nasty Juice because it is one of the best vape brands for people who want products that have been tried and tested by vapers from across the country. Their Cush Man range is renowned for its delicious strawberry, grape, and banana flavours.

Ossem has made their mark as one of the best e liquid brands for sub ohm vapers. Their Creamy, Mix Series, and Original range all contain a 70VG/30PG composition, which is the ideal ratio for people looking for unforgettable clouds. Each one of these ranges focuses on different flavour sensations. Creamy delights in dessert-inspired tastes like strawberry cheesecake, whereas Mix Series packs a punch with fruity flavours. Their original range is inspired by cultures from all over the world, which has resulted in sought after sensations like Japanese peach and Malaysian mango.

Pacha Mama punches above the rest with their inventive range of fruit combinations. Made by the vape giant Charlie’s Chalk Dust, this vape UK brand benefits from several years of industry experience. We recommend Pacha Mama for vapers who appreciate the ability to tailor their vape experience to their preferences. This brand’s wide range of shortfill options offers a world of possibilities. Explore the likes of peach papaya coconut cream, honeydew melon, and blue melon for classic flavours at competitive prices.

Twelve Monkeys has no competition when it comes to vape brands with a fun edge. Their shortfills and salt nics come complete with tropical tangs and delicious fruit flavours. We recommend this brand for people who want a refreshing all-day-vape option. Twelve Monkeys found so much success with their shortfill liquids that they replicated each flavour in handy 10ml nic salt bottles. Enjoy a blend of fresh summer apples followed by a delectable cranberry finish with hakuna, or experience a juicy pear sensation with circle of life. Whichever flavour you go for, you can be sure that Twelve Monkeys will hit the mark.

Juice N Power is a good brand for vape enthusiasts who want to experience intense flavours. By focusing on manufacturing natural colourings and flavourings, this brand has amassed a large following of beginning, intermediary, and advanced vapers. Juice N Power’s Strike, Spark, and Shock ranges all come in shortfill bottles which allow you to add in your own nicotine strength preference. Vapers who are looking for a fruity salt nic should look no further than watermelon mojito, strawberry lemonade berry, mango medley, and many more fan-favourite flavours.

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