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Dinner Lady rose to prominence when they introduced their signature lemon tart vape liquid to the market. As well as branching off into salt nics and shortfills, Dinner Lady have included their iconic lemon tart flavour in a disposable vape pen form. This disposable comes pre filled with the sweet and buttery taste of lemon tart, and is ideal for vapers who want a reliable, compact device that they can take with them on-the-go.

Innokin offers a better vape experience to customers from all over the UK. They are one of the best vape brands for people who want to experience the intense flavours that come with high quality materials and effective design choices. With a host of innovative and high performance starter kit devices like the Kroma r, the Adept Zlide, and the JEM, this brand champions their customers who have just made the transition from smoking to vaping. We recommend this brand for beginners who want to explore a wide variety of sleek styles.

Geekvape reigns supreme in the world of vape innovation. We stock a wide selection of chunky mods, reliable tanks, and Geekvape extras such as Cerberus Bubble Glass and Wenax cartridges. Vapers who have a penchant for small vape mods with a host of modern features should look no further than Geekvape’s Aegis range. With an astounding nine different devices in this range alone, Geekvape’s team is quick to build on the success of these innovative mods.

Smok is IVPS’ leading brand. Smok’s research and development team creates devices that suit everyone from entry-level to advanced vapers. You can find Smok tanks, Smok starter kits, and Smok coils for every experience level in our online vape shop. The Smok Nord Starter Kit is perhaps the most iconic of all of this brand’s devices, and not without reason. This pod kit contains a 1100mAh battery, a smart LED light battery indicator, and a mouth to lung or direct to lung style depending on your personal preferences. We love Smok’s products for their versatility and reliability.  


Technological innovation is at the heart of VooPoo. Since 2016, VooPoo’s research and development team have been working hard to create devices, tanks, and coils which optimise your flavour experience. VooPoo’s devices stand out amongst the rest as the best vape brand for people who want stylish designs. The Drag Nano, Drag 2, and Drag 2 Refresh Edition kits all come with resin body designs in a variety of colours. If you are looking for chunky mods with a variety of customisable options, look no further than our selection of VooPoo products.

Logic prioritises convenience, design, and performance. By creating a Compact Pod Kit that does not require regular maintenance or cleaning, Logic have won over a large amount of beginner, intermediary, and advanced vapers. Despite this, Logic’s devices appeal primarily to beginners because they utilise a mouth to lung vaping style to replicate the feel of smoking a traditional cigarette. What is more, their collection of compatible liquid pods come with magnetic click-fit technology that seamlessly connects both device and pod.

Vype is one of the best vape brands for people who want ergonomic designs and hassle-free features. Vapers from all over the UK love the Vype ePen 3 and Vype ePod devices because they are reliable and convenient. If you are looking for a draw-activated vape pen with a comfortable duck bill, look no further than the ePod. Or, if you prefer a soft-touch device with a tactile on/off activation button, explore all of the features in the ePen 3. Whichever device you choose, you can rest assured that you are buying quality products at competitive prices in our online vape shop.

JUUL changed the vape landscape forever when they burst into the UK market. Their iconic JUUL starter kit gained such traction that using the device is informally known as ‘JUULing’. The JUUL operates on a closed pod system, which means that you can seamlessly click-in the JUUL pods and go about your day. What began as an exploration into creating a slimline device that provides an effective taste experience has created hundreds of thousands of loyal customers.

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