How to Choose a Vape Store?

Finding a reputable vape store shouldn’t be difficult, but there’s many vape shops popping up all over town, all with the same kind of products, how do you choose?

What should you consider when choosing your new vape shop? Like any other industry you should always purchase from a reputable brand that is established and is focused on quality products and excellent customer service.

A great vape company will help you:

  • Select the perfect device - whether you are new to vaping, or looking for an additional kit or an upgrade.
  • Find the perfect flavours to tantalise your taste buds, with a VG / PG ratio suitable for your device
  • How to set up your device and show you how it works explaining everything you need to know
  • Explain how to take good care of your device so you don’t break or damage it and most importantly device safety.
  • Show you how to keep it clean and changing coils or pods and how often this should be done.

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So why us?

We are passionate about everything we do and make sure we only sell products that have been through a meticulous testing programme and meet all vape regulations.

We put our customers at the forefront of everything we do and truly believe that if our customers are happy they’ll keep coming back to us and help the business be the best it can be.

Finally, we make sure that our products are only marketed to and sold to adult smokers.