Christmas Eliquid Gift Guide 2022

by Jemma Wolfe
E-Liquid Gifts Guide for Christmas 2022

E-Liquid Gifts Guide for Christmas 2022

Christmas is fast approaching, and as another year draws to a close, it's time to start brainstorming the perfect presents for your loved ones. But what about the vapers in your life? Maybe they’re already kitted out with the best vape hardware on the market, or they’re happy with their current device, and you don’t want to end up buying them something they already have. Fear not; we have the answer!

Give the gift of flavour this Christmas by surprising the vaper in your life with some delicious e-liquid. Our comprehensive eliquid gift guide is here to help you pick out the best vape juice to suit your loved one’s needs. So, whether they’re new to the vaping world and enjoy the moderate vapour and intense flavour of starter liquids, or prefer the large, dense clouds of high VG liquids, we’ve got you covered. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Starter E-Liquid Gifts

Starter E-Liquid Gifts

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who has recently quit smoking and has decided to give vaping a try, then look no further than some starter e-liquid. Starter e-liquids are compatible with a vape starter kit, and as the name suggests, they’re ideal for beginners and those wanting a hassle-free experience to recreate the sensation of smoking a real cigarette.

Starter e-liquid is available in a variety of different nicotine strengths, often ranging from 0mg up to 18mg. The 70PG/30VG composition helps to produce a minimal amount of vapour but strong throat hits that beginners crave. Propylene glycol carries flavour exceptionally well, so the high concentration found in starter vape juice ensures a pure flavour experience every time.

Our Recommendations -Starter E-Liquid

Cigara Originals - Smooth 

This 70PG/30VG e liquid from our signature range is perfect for providing moderate vapour and a smooth tobacco flavour that tastes just like the real thing. 

Cigara Originals - Menthol

Cigara Originals are perfect for beginners using a vape starter kit. This variety features a minty fresh menthol flavour and is available in a range of nicotine strengths. 

Cigara Originals - Blueberry

Perfect for fans of fruity flavour, our Blueberry starter e-liquid provides a welcome berry blast with silky smooth throat hits and moderate vapour production that beginners crave. 

50/50 E-Liquid Gifts

50/50 E-Liquid Gifts

50:50 e-juices are perfect for those wanting the best of both worlds. The equal ratio of PG and VG provides maximum flavour along with smooth and satisfying throat hits and rich, flavourful clouds. This variety of vape juice is extremely versatile as they can be paired with just about any vape kit on the market to provide an authentic MTL experience. So, if you’re not sure what vape kit your recipient is using, gifting them some 50:50 e-liquid is always a safe bet. As well as being available in a variety of vibrant flavours, 50/50 e liquid is also offered in a range of nicotine strengths. Not sure which strength is right for the person you’re shopping for? Try out our handy nicotine strength calculator to find the e-liquid strength that suits their ex-smoking habit!

Our Recommendations - 50PG:50VG E-Liquid

Nasty Juice - ASAP Grape 

ASAP Grape by Nasty Juice provides the perfect equilibrium of VG and PG to deliver rich flavour and thick clouds to provide users with the best of both worlds. 

Dinner Lady - Lemon Tart 

This award-winning flavour from Dinner Lady is perfect for providing sweet, fruity flavour in a satisfying 50:50 composition to deliver refreshing relief and impressive clouds. 

Vampire Vape - Ice Menthol

For a cool and crisp vape sensation, look no further than Vampire Vape Ice Menthol. The 50/50 composition ensures maximum taste with smooth throat hits. 

Nic Salt E-Liquid Gifts

Nic Salt E-Liquid Gifts

Nicotine salts, also known as salt nic or nic salts, are eliquids which deliver the most intense nicotine experience. Perfect for those who have recently quit smoking and require fast-acting nicotine relief, this form of vape juice is made from an organic form of nicotine that is found naturally in tobacco leaf. This allows the nicotine to be absorbed into the bloodstream in just a matter of seconds, focusing on an intense nicotine hit and reduced throat hits.

Thanks to the fast-acting relief and moderate vapour production, nic salt e liquid is ideal for replicating the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette. A lot of transitioning smokers need a high level of nicotine to help combat their cravings. This is why they choose nic salts, which come in higher strengths than freebase nicotine alternatives like starter vape liquids. Nic salts are typically available in 10mg and 20mg strength options.

Our Recommendations - Nic Salts

Juice N Power - Mango Medley

Perfect for pairing with a vape starter kit, Mango Medley nic salt delivers unparalleled exotic flavour with moderate vapour production for ultimate satisfaction. 

Bar Series - Watermelon Ice

Made in the UK with high-quality ingredients, Bar Salts deliver premium satisfaction every time. This variety features the popular and refreshing taste of juicy watermelon. 

Element - Frost

This nic salt e-liquid provides plenty of cool, icy crispiness for a mind-blowing sensation and long-lasting nicotine relief to help keep cravings at bay all day long.

Shortfill E-Liquid Gifts

Shortfill E-Liquid Gifts

If you know someone who prefers to customise their vaping experience by mixing their own e-liquid, then shortfills are the way to go. These e liquids tend to be a lot larger than other varieties as they contain 0mg of nicotine, supplying an ideal base for your very own mixture. However, these bottles aren’t filled to capacity in order to leave enough space to add in your own nic shots.

Shortfill bottles are often referred to as shake & vape products, because after you’ve added in your nic shot you can simply screw the top back on, shake the mixture, and start vaping right away. Shortfills are also ideal for vape fans who appreciate large clouds and dense vapour production, as they often come in a 70VG/30PG composition.

Our Recommendations - Shortfills

Dr Vapes - Lotus

This 50ml shortfill e liquid from Dr Vapes perfectly captures the taste of sweet Lotus Biscoff in a handy shortfill format, perfect for fans of sub ohm vaping. 

Dinner Lady - Blue Menthol Ice

Pairing cool menthol with sweet berries, Blue Menthol provides intense flavour and large cloud production, with enough room to add in a 10ml nic shot. 

Zeus Juice - Typhon

This dessert-inspired shortfill delivers rich flavour and dense vapour thanks to the 70VG:30PG composition, perfect for sub ohm vape fans and those wanting to mix their own eliquid.

E-Liquid Christmas Gifts at myCigara

At myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. By providing users with a wide range of affordable eliquids, including nic salts, shortfills and starter liquid from a whole host of best-selling brands we hope to help them achieve their quit smoking goals this Christmas. So, whether you’re shopping for someone else or looking to treat yourself, our range of e-liquid has something for everyone.

We strive to give all our customers the best vaping experience possible, so if you require further help or advice, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us. Alternatively, you can head down to your local myCigara vape store to chat to one of our friendly members of staff.