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Explore our great range of starter vape kits here from top brands including Innokin and Aspire. Specially designed for beginners, starter kits can help ease the transition from smoking to vaping.

Starter Vape Kits

A starter kit is a great place to start if you’ve never tried vaping before. These vape devices are designed with ex-smokers in mind and those trying to quit smoking as they closely replicate the look, feel and sensation of a real cigarette, allowing for a smooth and seamless transition.

We stock a great range of e-cigarette starter kits from a whole host of best-selling brands. From pen style vapes to larger, more powerful starter kits, you’re sure to find your perfect starter ecig on our online store. Plus, with plenty of starter kit bundles and best vape starter kit uk deals to choose from, you can get your hands on a beginner vape kit with compatible e-liquid to help you get started.

Key Features

Why Choose A Starter Vape Kit? There are several reasons why an ecigarette could be an ideal option for you. Here are just a few of the perks of choosing a vape starter kit:

Starter vape kits are designed to mimic the feel of a real cigarette, complete with a smooth draw and impactful throat hits for an instantly satisfying experience.

Most starter vape kits are designed to be pocket-sized for easy and discreet vaping, with many of these e-cigarettes adopting a pen style vape shape that’s ideal for those trying to quit smoking.

Many of the best starter vape kit devices can support both MTL and DTL vaping depending on the coil being used. This means that users can choose between using high PG liquids, nic salts and shortfills.

Frequently Asked Questions: Starter Kits FAQs

1. What Comes In A Vape Starter Kit?

Most vape starter kits will include a vape device, charging cable and user manual to help you get started. Some vape starter kits will include a selection of coils of different resistances, allowing you to try out different vaping styles. If you purchase one of our exclusive starter kit bundles, you can get all of this plus some compatible e-liquid thrown in.

2. What Is A Vape Starter Kit?

Starter vape kits are designed for those wanting to transition from smoking to vaping. We know that the best vape starter kits are those from reputable and popular brands and provide our new customers with a great-tasting vape kit experience time after time to help them achieve their quit smoking goals.

3. Who Should Use A Vape Starter Kit?

Vape pen starter kits are perfect for any user hoping to quit smoking and get started on their vaping journey with ease. These vape kits are designed to be incredibly easy to use while still offering some customisable features, allowing both MTL and DTL fans to enjoy the experience of a beginner vape kit.

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