Best Budget Friendly Vapes 2024

by Jemma Wolfe

By Jemma Wolfe
Published On: 11-01-2024

Top 10 Budget Friendly Vapes 2024
Top 10 Budget Friendly Vapes 2024

Top 10 Budget Friendly Vapes 2024

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Best Cheap Vapes Under £10
  • FUYL Disposable Vape
  • Lost Mary BM600 Disposable Vape
  • Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pod Kit
  • Juul2 Pod Kit
  • SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kit
  • Elf Bar Mate 500 Pod Kit
  • Aspire Gotek X Pod Kit
  • Best Cheap Vapes Between £10-£20
  • VooPoo Argus Z Pod Kit
  • Smok Novo 4 Pod Kit
  • Innokin T18 X Starter Kit
  • What Is The Best Budget Vape UK 2024?
  • Best Budget Vape Kits at myCigara

Apart from the obvious health benefits, cutting down on costs is a key factor in many people’s decision to quit smoking. So, it’s no surprise that many ex-smokers choose to begin vaping with a device that won’t break the bank.

But with so many different vape kits on the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with options and it can be tricky to pick out the best cheap vape kits among the pricier, high-end options. But fear not, I’m here to help!

In this blog, I’ll guide you through the best budget vape options on the market right now—from the best cheap disposable vapes to pod kits and starter kits, I’ve hand-selected the cream of the crop to ensure you find the perfect, budget-friendly device to suit your needs. So whether you’re a seasoned vaper or a total beginner, getting your hands on a high-quality vape kit doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Best Cheap Vapes Under £10

The following selection of vape kits is perfect for those seeking the most affordable vaping experience possible. Without sacrificing quality and performance, these vape kits can be yours for less than £10, proving that you can revel in the clouds, savour the flavours, and enjoy a satisfying nicotine hit without parting ways with your hard-earned cash.

FUYL Disposable Vape

FUYL Disposable Vape - £4.99

The new FUYL disposable vape stands out as the most affordable vape on this list, making it a must-try for any new vapers wanting to dip their toes in before investing in a larger kit. This budget vape bears all the hallmarks of a high-quality disposable, arriving ready to use right out of the box for a seamless experience.

Not only can you enjoy the great taste of Dinner Lady e-liquid with every puff, but the unique crystal-cut design and transparent casing make for a truly eye-catching device. Priced at just £4.99, FUYL is among the best value vape options out there. So if you’re looking for a cheap disposable vape that oozes all the charm of a high-end device, the FUYL disposable may just be the perfect vape kit for you.

• Compatible with a wide range of e-liquids
• Suitable for both sub-ohm and MTL vaping
• Portable and pen-style design
• Features a robust 1500mAh battery for extended vaping
• Equipped with a convenient top-filling, leak-resistant tank

• Not reusable, must be disposed of after use

Lost Mary BM600

Lost Mary BM600 - £5.99

Our next affordable vape comes in the form of another disposable vape, with this one costing just £5.99. Cheap disposable vapes have helped countless smokers transition to vaping with ease, and among the most popular is the Lost Mary BM600. This compact, square-shaped disposable vape is a pocket-sized powerhouse, so don’t be deceived by its small stature.

Each Lost Mary disposable can provide up to 600 potent puffs and feature a strong 20mg nicotine content, making them particularly popular among new vapers and those needing a cheap vape backup when out and about.

• Ready to use
• Beginner-friendly design
• Pre-filled and pre-charged convenience
• Wide selection of 30 flavours
• Strong 20mg nicotine formula

• Single-use, requires disposal after use

Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pod Kit

Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pod Kit - £5.99

Now it’s time to talk pod kits. Fortunately, opting for a reusable device doesn’t have to mean spending more money, as coming in at just £5.99 we have the Elfa Pro pod kit. Created by the experts over at Elf Bar Vape, this compact pod kit shares the same shape and style as their popular disposables, but can be used again and again!

The Elfa Pro kit is compatible with Elfa pods and Elfa pro prefilled pods to provide a disposable-like experience in a more sustainable package. Plus, the integrated QUAQ mesh coil ensures a crisp and consistent flavour until the very last puff. If you’re looking for a cheap e cigarette to get you out of the cycle of buying disposable vapes, the Elfa Pro is certainly worth a try.

• Ready to use immediately
• Pre-filled and pre-charged
• Compact and portable
• No setup or maintenance required
• Low initial cost

Juul2 Vape Kit - Device Only

Juul2 Pod Kit - £6.99

If you’re looking for the sleekest and most compact prefilled pod kit you can get your hands on, look no further than the Juul2. This global brand released this upgraded device last year to rival the original Juul pod kit, and priced at just £6.99, it’s a great place to start for those in need of a reliable yet budget friendly vape.

The Juul2 packs 20% more power than the original Juul device and uses pre-filled pods to provide a smooth and satisfying MTL experience that closely mimics the sensation of smoking a real cigarette.

• Reusable
• Wide range of Elf Bar flavours available
• Sleek and portable pen-style design
• MTL vaping

SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kit

SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kit - £7.99

Another great option for those looking for a cheaper alternative to disposables in the long run is the SKE Crystal Plus pod kit. These budget vape kits look and feel just like Crystal Bar disposables, but can be paired with Crystal Plus prefilled pods that can be swapped out again and again.

Coming in at just £7.99, the Crystal Plus costs a little more than a disposable but can be reused for a more sustainable and affordable vape experience. The crystalline exterior paired with its pen-style shape makes it perfect for newbies looking for an entry-level pod kit to help them along their quit smoking journey.

• Fully rechargeable and reusable
• Perfect for beginners
• MTL vaping
• Inhale activated

Elf Bar Mate 500 Pod Starter Kit

Elf Bar Mate 500 - £7.99

Elf Bar are known for creating some of the best budget vape kits on the scene, so it should come as no surprise to see another entry from them on my Top 10 cheap vape kits list. The Elf Bar Mate 500 was the first pod kit released by Elf Bar Vape, boasting an aluminium exterior and matte finish that’s both compact and eye-catching.

Priced at £7.99, the Elf Bar Mate is among the most affordable pod kits out there, making it a great choice for beginners wanting to give vaping a try before investing in a larger kit. Plus, this pod kit is compatible with Elf Bar P1 pods with a great selection of popular Elf Bar flavours to choose from.

• MTL vaping
• Inhale activation
• Prefilled pods for ultimate convenience
• Perfect for beginners
• Elf Bar flavours
• Refillable pods available

• No pods included with the kit

Aspire Gotek X Pod Vape Kit

Aspire Gotek X Pod Kit - £9.99

The Aspire Gotek X is a great choice for those wanting an affordable pod kit, but don’t want to feel restricted by prefilled pods. This cheap vape pod kit gives users the freedom to top up the tank with any e-liquid they choose, giving them hundreds of vape juice brands to choose from. Plus, the adjustable airflow slider allows you to alternate between MTL and RDTL vaping depending on your needs.

Although the Gotek X packs an ample 650mAh battery and delivers up to 13W of power, it’s only a little bigger than your average disposable vape, making it a great choice for fans of discreet vaping and those on the go. Plus, the entirely transparent casing makes for a unique and eye-catching device.

• Delivers up to 13W of power
• Switch between MTL & RDTL vaping
• Uses refillable pods
• Compact and portable

• No on/off switch


Best Cheap Vapes Between £10-£20

The £10-£20 price bracket can be considered the sweet spot between affordability and quality when buying a vape kit. Without parting with too much of your hard-earned cash, you can get your hands on a diverse range of top-notch vape kits that promise to elevate your vaping experience. Each of the following devices has been carefully chosen to ensure it not only fits within your budget but also exceeds your expectations.

Voopoo Argus Z Pod Kit

VooPoo Argus Z Pod Kit - £14.99

The Argus Z is a great choice for those who want a powerful device without breaking the bank. Its ample 900mAh internal battery paired with a 17W max power output makes it among the most impressive devices in this price bracket. Despite its high power, the buttonless operation makes it incredibly easy to use, even for beginners.

This kit includes a refillable Argus pod, giving you the freedom to fill it with your preferred e-liquid flavour and a leakproof magnetic connection guarantees a mess-free experience. Coming in at just £14.99, you can’t go wrong with the Argus Z if you’re in need of a high-powered MTL vape kit.

• 17W max output
• Large 900mAh battery
• 0.7 Ohm coil resistance for MTL vaping
• Comes with refillable pod

• 1.2 Ohm pods must be bought separately

Smok Novo 4 Vape Kit

Smok Novo 4 - £19.99

Smok is among the most respected vape brands on the market, and you can get your hands on their Novo 4 pod kit for less than £20! Despite its modest price tag, this affordable vape kit packs a powerful punch thanks to its 800mAh internal battery and 25W max output. Plus, the handy OLED screen displays all your vaping data including battery level and puff count.

This pod kit has all the essentials to ensure a seamless start, including two Smok LP1 coils. The 0.8 Ohm mesh LP1 coils housed within the provided pods are specifically tailored for MTL vaping, making it one of the best cheap vapes for new users.

• Perfect for MTL vaping
• 2 coils included
• Impressive 25W max output
• Screen displays vaping data

• The minimum power output is 5W

Innokin T18 X Starter Kit

Innokin T18 X Starter Kit - £19.99

Crafted with budget-conscious beginners in mind, the Innokin T18 X is a stellar choice for those venturing into the world of vaping. The T18 X is not just an ordinary starter kit; it's an upgraded version of the renowned T18 series, featuring a robust 1000mAh built-in battery with enhanced charging capabilities for quick and efficient power-ups.

Designed for simplicity and reliability, this budget vape kit caters to mouth-to-lung enthusiasts, delivering a discreet vapour experience. The T18 E tank, accompanied by two Innokin Prism coils, equips you with everything essential to kickstart your vaping journey.

• Easy single-button operation
• Large 1000mAh battery
• Handy top-fill design
• Suitable for beginners
• Great MTL vape

• No adjustable airflow feature


What Is The Best Budget Vape UK 2024?

The quest for the best budget vape ultimately hinges on individual needs and preferences. If your goal is to get your hands on the absolute cheapest vape possible, then the disposable vape is hands down the best choice, as most can be bought for less than £6. While disposables may not boast the longevity of reusable counterparts, their cost-effectiveness is unparalleled.

On the other hand, for users keen on avoiding the continuous expenditure associated with stocking up on disposables, the prefilled pod kit emerges as a fantastic alternative. With many options resembling disposable vapes, many of these pod kits can be snagged for under £10. Take a look through our Best Prefilled Pod Kits Review to get the rundown on top kits for 2024.

For those yearning for more power without splurging on a high-end luxury kit, the budget refillable vape kit proves to be a strategic stepping stone. This allows users to test the waters before committing to a larger investment.

Before choosing the right budget vape kit for you, be sure to weigh the trade-offs of each device and what they offer, particularly when it comes down to design, battery capacity and flavours available. Thankfully, there’s something in the list above to suit everyone, even those on a tight budget.

Best Budget Vape Kits at myCigara

At myCigara, our mission is to help the UK become smoke-free. We firmly believe that offering affordable alternatives such as budget vape kits is a significant step towards achieving this goal.

Not sure what kind of vape kit you need? Check out my handy guide to How To Choose A Vape Kit, where I help you explore all options available to help you find the perfect cheap ecig for you. If you’re thinking about trying out a vape starter kit, head over to our Best Starter Kits guide for a full rundown of my top picks.

If you're venturing into the world of vaping for the first time and haven't experienced a vape kit before, explore our New to Vaping blog for a full introduction. It covers all the essential basics, ensuring you have a solid foundation before taking the plunge. For those keen on delving into the nuances of vaping, from understanding e-liquids and nicotine strength to deciphering battery capacity, our Basic Guide to Vaping provides a clear breakdown of what’s involved.

If you have any questions or would like to reach out for advice, feel free to contact us. Alternatively, if you’d rather shop in-store than buy our cheap vapes online, pay a visit to your nearest myCigara store, where our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to provide expert guidance and support.

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