Nicotine Shot Calculator

Nic Shot Calculator for Shortfill E Liquid

If you want to know what nicotine strength is the right choice for you, try out our handy nicotine calculator. This tool will help you with one specific query: How many nic shots will I need to add to shortfill e-liquid to get the desired nicotine strength?

How to use nic shots

Finding the correct nicotine strength to suit your wants and needs is a crucial component of any vape user’s journey. For slightly more advanced vape users who are interested in trying out DTL vaping and short fill e-liquid, you’ll want to know how many nic shots you’ll need to get the right overall e liquid nicotine strength. If you’re only just beginning to make the switch from smoking, you’re probably wondering how many cigarettes are equal to a given amount of e liquid—or vice versa. In which case, have a look at our nicotine converter guide.

How to calculate nicotine strength

Fortunately, the vaping industry has set standards for e-liquid volume measurements and nicotine strength, so working out how much nicotine you need is quite a straightforward process.

Shortfill e-liquids normally sold as either 50ml or 100ml quantities, and shortfill bottles — as the name suggests — stop short of being completely full, and instead have space for users to pour in their nic shots.

Beyond this, shortfill e-liquids always nicotine-free, and nic shots are sold in preset strengths — typically, 11mg, 18mg, and 20mg — so you can calculate your nicotine strength cleanly.

Refer to the conversion table above to make sure you calculate nicotine strength as accurately as possible. As a general rule of thumb however, for a 100ml bottle of shortfill you can think of it like this.

●1 nic shot — very low nicotine (1.5mg)
●2 nic shots — low nicotine (3mg)
●4-5 nic shots — medium nicotine (6mg)

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