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Explore our great range of Lost Mary e-liquid here— including the brand new collection of Maryliq nic salts, featuring a high strength nicotine salt formula and available in a whole host of Lost Mary flavours!

Lost Mary E-Liquid

Following the success of their disposable vape ranges, Lost Mary has finally decided to branch out and create their own line of e-liquid. Harnessing the same exact formula used in their disposables, Lost Mary eliquids are perfect for providing a disposable-like experience in your very own reusable vape kit.

Lost Mary Maryliq

New for 2023, Maryliq vape juice takes the same eliquid found in Lost Mary disposable vapes and makes them available in a handy 10ml bottle format. Perfect for pairing with a vape starter kit or pod kit, these new Lost Mary nic salts contain a strong nicotine salt formula that’s perfect for those trying to quit smoking.

Key Features

Why Choose Lost Mary E Liquid? Wondering if a Lost Mary vape liquid is the right choice for you? Here’s a quick rundown of just some of the benefits of using Lost Mary vape juice:

Lost Mary eliquids boast a wide array of delicious e-liquid flavours, providing options to suit virtually any palate. Whether you prefer fruity, dessert, menthol, or classic tobacco tastes, Lost Mary vape juice has you covered.

These Lost Mary e-liquids are infused with nic salts, which offer a smoother and quicker nicotine delivery, ideal for those looking to curb cigarette cravings effectively.

Lost Mary e-liquids are designed for convenience. They can be used in a whole host of devices, including refillable pod systems and starter kits, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced vapers.

Frequently Asked Questions - Lost Mary E-Liquid FAQs

1. Is There A Vape Juice That Tastes Like Lost Mary?

Yes! Maryliq nic salts contain the same e-liquid formula found in Lost Mary disposables.The new line of Maryliq vape juice delivers the same great taste as a Lost Mary disposable vape but can be used in your very own vape kit for a more sustainable and long-lasting Lost Mary vape flavours experience.

2. How To Use Lost Mary E-Liquid

Lost Mary e-liquid is super easy to use when paired with a vape starter kit or refillable pod kit. Simply remove the silicone stopper from the fill port of your device, give your Lost Mary liquid bottle a squeeze until the tank is full, wait a couple of minutes to prime your coil— and voila! You’re ready to begin vaping.

3. Is Lost Mary Vape Juice Safe?

Yes, all e-liquids sold by Lost Mary are considered safe to use. Lost Mary vape juice is fully TPD compliant and adheres to the strictest standards and regulations to ensure a safe experience for every consumer.

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