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Vuse Pods and Vuse Cartridges for Vuse Vape Pod Kits

Vuse have a long standing in the industry, with their vape pods really setting the standard for practicality and portability in vaping. We’ve seen prefilled pods become increasingly popular with vape fans, and Vuse have endured with their flavour-full, fuss-free technology. Perfect for a crisp, satisfying nicotine hit while on the go, Vuse pods are a great stepping stone on your quit smoking journey.

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Vuse Pods FAQs

1. What flavours do Vuse pods come in?

With over 20 Vuse pod flavours to choose between, you’re sure to find something to your taste. In addition to a variety of classic Mint and Tobacco flavours that are perfect for helping you quit smoking, there are also plenty of fragrant, fruity Vuse pod flavours to try. The full Vuse pod flavours range includes:

Chilled Mint
Crisp Mint
Garden Strawberry
Very Berry
Tropical Mango
Blended Tobacco
Vanilla Medley
Wild Berries
Fresh Apple
Golden Tobacco
Tequila Sunrise
Dark Cherry
Creamy Mint
Golden Tobacco
Infused Vanilla
Crushed Mint
Just Mint
Master Blend
Peppermint Tobacco
Passionfruit Fields
Strawberry Original
Raspberry Lychee
Peach Lemon

2. What pods can you use with Vuse?

Vuse is a complete, self-contained range of vape pod products, so you can only use Vuse pods with Vuse pod kits. Vuse offer two distinct devices, the Vuse ePod and the Vuse ePen, each with their own respective selection of Vuse cartridges, clearly marked for use with either the ePen or the ePod.

3. How many hits is in a Vuse pod?

Vuse pods have slightly different puff counts, depending on which version you use. Vuse pods for the Vuse ePen device have around 200 puffs, whereas the larger Vuse ePod cartridges have around 275 puffs.

4. How long do Vuse pods last?

The answer to how long any vape products last will always be: it depends on you! Vuse pods have an estimated puff count, but how long it takes you to use up those puffs depends on how frequently you vape. On average though, 200 puffs should last around 1-3 days with moderate use.

5. How many cigarettes are equal to a Vuse pod?

One Vuse pod is equal to around 15-20 cigarettes. Our rough baseline is that 20 cigarettes is equivalent to 300 puffs. So a Vuse ePod pod has 275 puffs, which is nearly 20 cigarettes. A Vuse ePen pod has 200 puffs, so nearer to 15 cigarettes.

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