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Vuse Pods & Cartridges

Vuse Pods & Cartridges


Vuse have firmly established their reputation as a go-to pod vape kit brand, winning over a horde of new and old vape fans alike with the Vuse ePen and Vuse ePod devices. The sleek, assured, and minimal designs of these vape kits, combined with their leak-free, magnetic pod systems, put Vuse at the forefront of modern, user-friendly vape design.

The brand formerly known as Vype may have changed their name, but the unmistakable quality of Vuse pods remains the same. If you still have an older, Vype-branded device, no need to worry: you can continue to enjoy Vuse e-cigarette cartridges to enjoy that same sleek, satisfying vape experience.


What’s the Difference Between Vype and Vuse?

Earlier this year, Vype began transitioning toward the Vuse name. While the name has changed, the products remain much the same. That is to say, there remains full compatibility across the Vype and Vuse ranges. So, an older Vype ePod device still works with newer Vuse ePod cartridges. Likewise, if you still have any older Vype branded cartridges, they will work with newer Vuse devices.

As before, it’s important to use the right cartridge for the right device; so ensure you purchase ePod cartridges for your ePod device, or ePen cartridges for your ePen device, regardless of whether they’re Vype or Vuse.

Why Choose Vuse

A pod vape kit from Vuse is an excellent choice for vape fans who are often on the go, as well as being a solid vape starter kit for new users looking to quit smoking. Their sleek, soft-touch design and travel-sized dimensions mean they slip easily into your pocket, so they’re with you wherever you need to be.

By using a closed pod system, the Vuse ePen and Vuse ePod devices are highly practical while travelling or otherwise on the go; rather than having to worry about refilling, you simply switch to a new e-cigarette cartridge when the current one runs out. Vuse are pioneers in a seamless, leakproof and magnetic click-in system for their pods, so pod replacement is as hassle-free as possible.

How Long Do Vuse Pods Last?

All Vuse pods hold 2ml of e-liquid, in compliance with TPD. This gives you roughly 250 puffs per e-cigarette cartridge. Bear in mind that puff count is an estimate; if you prefer a longer, deeper inhale, the overall puff count will come in slightly lower.

Can I Refill Vuse Pods?

Both Vuse pod vape kit devices operate on what’s called a closed pod system. As such, they cannot be refilled. Once your current cartridge runs empty, simply replace it with a fresh one. Our Vuse pods are sold in packs of two, making it easier for you to always stay stocked up.

Recommended Vuse Pods

Vuse have a wide range of flavours on offer for their e-cigarette cartridges. Those looking for a burst of freshness throughout the day are sure to enjoy the Vuse ePod Chilled Mint cartridges or Vuse ePen Crisp Mint cartridges.

Try a feast of fruity favourites, such as Strawberry, Mango, or crisp Apple, or keep things classic with the robust aroma of Golden Tobacco.