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Here you’ll find our full range of Evo Tobacco Sticks, compatible with the Ploom X line of heated tobacco devices.

Ploom Evo Tobacco Sticks

Evo sticks are specially designed to be used with the Ploom X and Ploom X Advanced heat not burn kits. These compact sticks contain real tobacco leaves and can be heated up inside your Ploom device to release a smooth, nicotine-rich vapour that’s perfect for those trying to quit smoking. 

Key Features

With 13 different Evo stick varieties to choose from, ranging from intense and robust to smooth and silky, you can pick out the perfect flavour blend and find the right tobacco notes for you.

Crafted with real tobacco leaves, Ploom heated tobacco sticks deliver an authentic tobacco experience without the need for combustion. Experience the rich, nuanced flavors of premium-quality tobacco with every puff.

Evo sticks are engineered to provide a smooth and satisfying nicotine delivery, making them an excellent choice for individuals looking to transition away from traditional cigarettes.

Frequently Asked Questions: Ploom Evo Sticks FAQs

1. How To Use Ploom Evo Sticks

To use Ploom Evo Sticks with your Ploom X device, simply insert the stick into the device's chamber and activate the heating mechanism. Wait for the stick to heat up, then enjoy the smooth, nicotine-rich vapour produced.

2. Are Evo Sticks Compatible With Other Heated Tobacco Devices?

Ploom Evo Sticks are specifically designed for use with Ploom X and Ploom X Advanced heated tobacco kits. While they may physically fit into other devices, they’re not compatible and should only be used in a Ploom e-cigarette. Using Evo Sticks in a non-compatible device may damage it. 

3. How Long Do Ploom Sticks Last?

Each Evo stick is designed to last around the same amount of time as it takes to smoke a regular cigarette, which is roughly 5 minutes. 

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