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Ploom Evo Tobacco Sticks & Heated Tobacco

Ploom Evo tobacco sticks are an excellent heated tobacco option. Designed in perfect harmony with the Ploom device, heated tobacco sticks are a great vaping alternative for anyone wanting to quit smoking for good. Using real tobacco, and specifically designed for the smoothest, fattest taste, Evo tobacco sticks are available in a variety of aromatic flavours to suit all takers.

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Ploom Evo Tobacco Sticks UK

Here at myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. That’s why we’re proud to have partnered up with Ploom, in order to bring our customers new and exciting ways to quit smoking for good. By partnering with Ploom, you can be sure that when you shop online with us, you’re always getting the best prices alongside a premium product selection.

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Ploom Evo Tobacco Sticks Flavours

Ploom Evo Tobacco Sticks are filled with real tobacco, and are available in a variety of flavours alongside classic tobacco options. Whichever flavour you go with, you can rest assured you’ll be getting a premium experience. That’s because all Ploom Evo tobacco sticks feature patented OptiCut technology, specifically designed to produce the best flavour when heated, and longer filters to produce more vapour and a smoother tobacco taste. Some of the current Ploom Evo tobacco sticks include:

Ploom Evo Amber (Rich & Intense Tobacco)
Ploom Evo Bronze (Smooth & Rounded Tobacco)
Ploom Evo Ruby (Crisp Apple & Mint)
Ploom Evo Green (Classic Menthol Tobacco)
Ploom Evo Purple (Delicate Berry & Menthol)
Ploom Evo Magenta (Cooling Grape & Mint)

In addition to their standard Evo range, Ploom also offer the Ploom Evo Options collection. These heated tobacco sticks feature a clickable capsule in their filter tip, giving you the option of two different flavour experiences in each stick. The available flavours in the Evo Option range include:

Ploom Evo Purple Option (Tobacco & Mint; Berry capsule)
Ploom Evo Green Option (Tobacco & Mint; Peppermint capsule)
Ploom Evo Baize Option (Tobacco & Mint; Pear capsule)

Ploom Evo FAQS

1. What are Evo cigarettes?

Ploom Evo tobacco sticks are not technically cigarettes, they are heated tobacco sticks. They do resemble shortened cigarettes, and have a filter-tip that will be familiar to smokers. However, rather than being burnt, Evo tobacco sticks are heated at a lower temperature. This allows you to enjoy real tobacco, free from smoke, smell, ash, and tar.

2. How long does a Ploom stick last?

Ploom tobacco sticks should last for around 5 minutes each. This time is based on a high-temperature heating setting, which will provide the most intense sensation. If you use a lower heating setting, you will get a milder experience, but the Ploom tobacco stick should last slightly longer.

3. How do you use Evo tobacco sticks?

To use Evo tobacco sticks, slide the cover off your Ploom X device and insert a tobacco stick, filter-side out. Hold down the device button until you feel vibration feedback; this is your signal that the device is active and heated. Simply inhale on the filter tip (like you would with a cigarette) and enjoy! Once the Evo tobacco stick is finished, your Ploom X device will vibrate to alert you.

4. Can HEETS be used in Ploom?

You cannot use HEETS tobacco sticks in your Ploom device. Likewise, you cannot use Ploom Evo tobacco sticks in an IQOS device. You must only use Evo tobacco sticks with the requisite Ploom X device. Do not attempt to cross-pollinate Heated Tobacco brands, or you risk breaking your Heat not Burn device and voiding its warranty.

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