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We understand that the vaping world can be a little confusing, particularly when we delve into how electricity works and the science behind certain components. But don’t worry—with our nine years of industry experience, we’re the right people to guide you through vape battery 18650, 20700 and 21700 basics, types and safety. We stock long-life, high quality batteries suitable for any device, big or small.

So whether you pick a high voltage wonder from Molicel or a battery powerful enough to sustain an all day Sub Ohm vape, like the Sony VTC5A, we know that you’ll be satisfied. Scroll through our curated list of the best vape batteries available to find the perfect cell for your Vape Kit device and read on to find out more about the different types of battery and how to replace them in a kit or best match them to your own mod.

What are Vape Batteries?

Vape batteries are power sources. As it’s impossible to fully ‘contain’ electricity, they contain chemicals that interact, creating the electrical energy that powers the device. This all happens hidden from view, inside the casing. You may be surprised to find that vape batteries look exactly the same as most others because, despite being surrounded by coverings we’re familiar with, they’re often the same battery that powers your TV, laptop or mobile phone.

Are All Vape Batteries the Same?

In short, no. Vape batteries are characterised by their height and width. They’re given five-digit numbers: measured in millimetres, the first two digits indicate the width whilst the final three suggest the height. We stock 18650, 20700 and 21700 batteries in store and online and the general rule is the larger the battery, the higher the capacity and longer the output.

In order to make selection easy and consistent for our customers, we organise our batteries in size order, however, they can also be categorised by their purpose(supporting Plus Ohm or Sub Ohm vaping) or charging method (rechargeable or disposable after burnout). Knowing the size of the battery is crucial in purchasing the correct battery for your device, but customers are usually most interested in whether the battery is built in or removable.

Built-in batteries are ones present in the vape device at purchase; they’re normally found in vape starter kits and contrary to belief, tend to be quite light as the battery doesn’t require as much power as a kit specialising in Sub Ohm vaping. They’re simple to use: you don’t need anymore batteries aside from the one in the kit, but that means that once it’s dead, you won’t be able to vape until it’s fully charged. However, the latter is easy to do, via a USB cable. Like all batteries, built-in batteries lose their efficiency over time and will eventually fail to recharge. When this happens, you’ll have to replace the whole device, as the battery can’t be removed.

Removable batteries are batteries that can be removed and swapped between devices (if the device is compatible). Often, devices don’t come equipped with them meaning customers are responsible for purchasing the correct kind for their kit along with the right charger.However, as batteries can be moved around, your vape kit will effectively never be out of charge. By having multiple batteries, you can quickly replace a dead one with a brand new one and never have to wait to vape. If you’re a Sub Ohm vaper, you may find that these batteries drain rather quickly as they’re using up a lot of energy, therefore, it’s always a good idea to keep a few batteries on your person. It’s best to purchase a case or sleeve for them as they could get damaged if they were left loose in your pocket.

18650 Vape Batteries

‘What is an 18650 Battery?’

An 18650 battery is a lithium ion rechargeable battery.They’re the most common kind of batteryf ound in vape kits; its voltage is roughly 3.7 V and measures between 1800-3500mAh, but this varies between models. It’s known for being lightweight and for providing a brilliant balance of capacity and output.We sell a fantastic range of 18650 batteries from world-class producers like LG and Sony.

‘What does an 18650 Battery Look Like?’

They are small, thin cylinders that fit in the palm of your hand. You can’t see the actual component as it’s covered in a protective casing, the colour of which differs depending on the brand, for example, the Samsung 20S battery casing is bright blue.

‘How Long do 18650 Batteries Hold Charge?’

Whilst this depends on brand and vaping habits, it’s estimated that 18650 batteries last between 300-500 cycle charges. If you take care of them, they can last for over a year; a few customers have even reported that their 18650 batteries made it past the two-year mark. However, it’s natural for performance to dip over time, so once you notice this, it’s a good idea to swap out the battery to keep yourself safe and ensure that you have a good vape.

You can get rechargeable 18650 batteries, although they’re less popular due to the fantastic lifespan of the disposables.

Standard 18650 batteries only take 4 hours to charge and they often come in packs of two, so one pack could potentially cover you for nearly two years of usage, depending on your style and frequency of vaping.

‘How to Fix 18650 Battery Wrap’:

If your battery wrap has come loose, we don’t recommend that you attempt to rewrap it. While there are tutorials you can find online, it’s quite a dangerous and potentially pointless task. If the connections are exposed, the battery will not work again if rewrapped, but even worse, it could catch fire. Once you have identified that your battery is no longer fit for use, you should dispose of it and insert a new one.

‘Are 18650 Batteries Allowed on Planes?’

As most electronic devices contain lithium ion batteries, you can take them on a plane. However, they have to be carried in your hand luggage and kept in a secure case so the batteries don’t touch, short out or explode.

What are 20700 Batteries?

A 20700 battery is a high-functioning lithium-ion battery commonly found in Sub Ohm vape kits. This is because it offers fantastic capacity and high output, perfect for cloud chasing. Whilst its average voltage is 3.7 V, matching the voltage of the 18650, it has a larger range with a maximum wattage of 4.2 V. One cell roughly measures at 3000mAh, although this varies between brands. Outside of vaping, these batteries are found in electric cars, power tools and scooters, showing how powerful they are. We sell the most innovative 20700 batteries from up-and-coming brands like iJoy.

‘What does an 20700 Battery Look Like?’

Whilst a 20700 battery resembles many other batteries, the casing colour differs between producers and its body is noticeably longer and thicker than normal batteries.

‘How Long do 20700 Batteries Hold Charge?’

Again, this depends on your own vaping preferences and the brand of the battery, but 20700 batteries are often rechargeable; this is because they need a lot of energy to support the intense style of vaping they’re designed for. If vaped moderately, they can last all day on one charge however, in the hands of a veteran vaper, they may only last a few hours.

It’s a good idea to keep some spare 20700 batteries on your person but remember to keep them in a protective case as not to damage them. Batteries naturally degrade and lose their strength, however, customers have reported that 20700 batteries can last a year if cared for appropriately. 

What are 21700 Batteries?

21700 batteries are made of lithium-ion; they’re incredibly powerful and are often rechargeable. They cater primarily for Sub Ohm vapers, used in more advanced vape kits. It has a similar voltage level to other batteries, resting at 3.7 V, however it has a vast mAh range, from 3000-5000mAh depending on the design. We love the reliability of the Molicel P42A, available online and in store.

‘What does an 21700 Battery Look Like?’

Due to their larger range and suggested by their name, 21700 batteries are bulkier and heavier than any other vaping battery and casing colours may differ between designers.

‘How long does it take to charge a 21700?’

21700 batteries are incredibly powerful but have a remarkably short charge time of only 2 hours. On average, one battery can be recharged around 400 times and will serve you faithfully for anywhere between three to five years. This is fantastic value for money, allowing you to explore your vaping preferences at your own pace. 

What Vape Battery Do I Need?

This is a very personal question, and the answer will differ from person to person, however, there are some general rules to help customers choose a vape battery.

If you enjoy Plus Ohm, or mouth-to-lung vaping, you should opt for a battery with a lower Amp output. This will commonly be an 18650 battery because it has a low wattage, which really brings out the crispness of your chosen e Liquid. Additionally, lower wattage devices tend to have a longer battery life, so not only will this vape deliver time after time, but you’ll be saving money too. 

If you like Sub Ohm, or direct-to-lung vaping, you’ll need to buy a battery with a high Amp output. This will allow your chosen device to reach the high power levels required to heat your vape juice and will do so quickly. It also means that you’ll have a generous wattage range in which to customise your cloud chasing and create an intense vapour trail.

If you’re picking a battery for an unregulated device, you must use Ohm’s Law in order to calculate what battery will work well with your chosen coil. Doing this will prevent damage to your device and your person.

How do I Dispose of Vape Batteries?

Once your battery appears to be charging faster, but not lasting as long within your device, it’s time to think about disposing of them. It’s important to note that batteries should never be thrown out with household rubbish, instead, they can be recycled. By placing them in battery bins that are scattered throughout the country, mostly at retail parks, your lithium-ion batteries can be disposed of safely and put to good use in the creation of other products. 

Are Vape Batteries Safe?

This question is prompted by the many news reports we’ve seen regarding ‘exploding vapes’. As mentioned previously, lithium-ion batteries are present in everyday objects like laptops are phones so vape batteries are as safe as any other kind of battery as long as you take care of them. This involves using, charging and storing them appropriately and frequently checking the condition of your batteries and ensuring they’re stored safely when in transit will reduce the risk of accident.

Vape Batteries at myCigara

Vape batteries are just as important as the device and we know that they make a huge difference to your vape. That’s why we’re proud to stock some of the best, long-life batteries from industry leaders like Molicel and Samsung; we test each and every battery we sell, so rest assured, they’re both reliable and powerful. Our tailored vape battery lists really put you first; peruse by size or brand to find the perfect battery for you!

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