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Our selection of disposable vape tanks ticks all boxes. They come complete with in-built coils, meaning that all you need to do is fill them with your preferred e liquid. From then on out, you can begin vaping.

These tanks, which are also called clearomizers, represent an essential piece of vape hardware for our customers who are always on-the-go. Despite being disposable, the Innokin tanks and Freemax tanks in our range have been created using high-quality materials that are chosen for their longevity. What’s more, they are made with leak prevention in mind. Browse through our catalogue to discover your new favourite vape kit product.

What are disposable vape tanks?

This product is exactly what it says on the tin. Disposable vape tanks are designed to be thrown away once they have served their purpose. We recommend disposing of these tanks once you begin to notice an unpleasant burnt sensation whilst you vape. This taste means that the quality of the in-built coil in your tank is beginning to degrade. To learn more about signs of coil damage, explore everything you need to know about vape coils on our blog page.

These types of tanks are also referred to as clearomizers because their casing is transparent. With disposables, you will never be left in the dark when it comes to wondering how much e liquid is left in your tank. The tanks in our online vape shop all come complete with in-built coils, which makes replacing this essential part of your vape kit easier than ever. Simply recycle your empty disposable, attach your new tank to your vape mod, and begin creating clouds!

Who do we recommend disposable vape tanks for?

Here at Cigara, we cater to a wide variety of different vapers. We know that some of our customers love reading about the latest DIY build news, whilst others prefer to buy all of their kit at once and focus on intense taste sensations. Disposables are perfect for the latter type of vaper who wants to undergo the minimum amount of hassle possible in order to experience their favourite vape juice flavour.

Vaping enthusiasts love these products because they reduce the number of steps necessary to achieve their desired vape. The tanks in our collection come complete with in-built coils and silicone stoppers that ensure a leak-free experience. All of these factors make disposable vape tanks perfect for our customers who want to make vape kit assembly the least time-consuming part of their vape experience.

Are disposable tanks good for sub ohm vaping?

A disposable vape tank section would be incomplete without including a product that satisfies sub ohm enthusiasts. The Freemax Gemm is one of the best sub ohm vape tanks on the market because it comes with a whole host of experience-enhancing features. The dual bottom adjustable airflow gives you full control over whether you want a tight drag or a loose one, and it contains tea fibre cotton wick which effectively absorbs e liquid. We recommend the Gemm for our customers who want to experience the best clouds on offer.

Disposable vape tanks at myCigara

Despite being small, our range of disposable vape tanks has been carefully crafted to include something for everyone. Whether you are looking for organic cotton or tea fibre cotton wicks, a tight vape or an airier alternative, or even different casing materials, we have got you covered. Disposables are quickly becoming front runners in the vape industry’s sprint towards newer, more innovative, and easier-to-use products, and we are proud to stock a high-quality selection of the best of the best in our online vape shop.

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