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Find our full range of nic salt eliquid here, made from the purest form of nicotine for fast-acting and long-lasting relief. Explore our best-selling nic salt brands such as Elfliq, Maryliq, Bar Series and Cigara Salt Bar.

Nic Salts

Salt nic e-liquid is the perfect choice for users seeking the most intense nicotine experience possible while vaping. These eliquids allow for nicotine to reach the bloodstream in mere seconds, making for a satisfying vape experience complete with silky smooth throat hits, but without compromising on flavour.

When paired with a pod kit, nic salt eliquid can provide a potent nicotine kick that is effective immediately. With a whole host of brands and delicious flavours to choose from, it’s no surprise that nic salts juice is among the most popular options for those trying to quit smoking.

Key Features

Why Choose Nic Salts?

Unlike regular e liquid, salt nic vape juice is able to reach the bloodstream in just a few seconds. This makes them extremely effective at rapidly curbing cravings and keeping them at bay throughout the day.

Nicotine salt is known for providing a smoother throat hit compared to traditional e-cig liquid, making them more appealing to users who find regular e-liquids too harsh.

Nic salts typically produce less vapour than regular vape e liquid, making them perfect for those who prefer vaping discreetly and keeping a low-profile.

Nic salt eliquid is often praised for its ability to closely mimic the sensation of smoking traditional cigarettes. This can be beneficial for those transitioning from smoking to vaping.

Nicotine salt works well in low-wattage devices, such as pod systems and small vape pens. This makes them a convenient option for users who prefer compact and portable vaping setups.

Frequently Asked Questions: Salt Nic FAQs

1. What Are Nic Salts?

Nicotine salts, or nic salts, represent a form of nicotine that differs from the more conventional freebase nicotine found in many e-liquids. Nic salt vape liquid contains a unique form of nicotine that's found naturally in the tobacco leaf. Their chemical makeup allows them to provide a smoother and less-harsh hit when vaped. In turn, this allows users to use higher nicotine concentrations without sacrificing a milder throat hit.

2. How To Use Nic Salts

Using nicotine salts is pretty straightforward and arrive pre-mixed right from the bottle. We recommend pairing salt nic eliquid with low-wattage ecigarettes such as a pod system or MTL vape. Prime your refillable device by letting the nic salt eliquid saturate the coil before your first hit.

Due to the higher nicotine content, you may find that you need fewer puffs compared to traditional e-liquids. Inhale slowly and deliberately, allowing the nicotine salts to provide a satisfying experience with a smoother throat hit.

3. How Strong Are Nic Salts?

Nic salt eliquid is available in a range of different nicotine strengths, but the most popular options are 10mg and 20mg. We suggest starting with a lower concentration and gradually adjusting based on your nicotine needs.

4. What Ohm Coil For Nic Salts?

When using nic salts juice, it's generally recommended to use a higher-ohm coil, typically ranging from 1.0 ohms to 1.8 ohms. The reason for this is that higher-ohm coils operate at lower wattages. As a general rule, if your coil and e-cigarette support MTL vaping, it should be suitable to pair with nicotine salt e cig liquid.

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