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As the name suggests, Cigara Originals is our brainchild. It benefits from years of experience in the industry and a keen eye for customer demand. By catering to beginner vapers with starter vape liquid products, Cigara Originals has amassed a large fanbase that knows quality when they see it. Each e-liquid in this range contains a 30VG/70PG composition which favours an intense vape hit alongside discrete vapour production.

Our customers love the variety of vape juice products that Cigara Originals offer. Whether you are searching for the sweet and tart accents of Raspberry or a cool Menthol breeze, you will find what you are looking for in this catalogue. Alongside a wide selection of delicious flavours, you can expect to find a range of nicotine strength options ranging all the way from 0mgs to 18mgs when you choose Cigara Originals.


What makes Cigara Originals e-liquid products unique?

Beginners can feel overwhelmed by the types of e-liquid products available to them. Frustrated by an industry that promotes vape mods, nic salts, and advanced vape tanks above all else, hopeful beginners often return to cigarettes. At Cigara, we believe that it is more beneficial to our new customers if the transition to vaping is as easy as possible. That is what makes Cigara Originals unique; they help beginners acclimatise to the process of vaping and provide a baseline for exploring other types of e-liquid products like nic salts or shortfills.  

Who do we recommend Cigara Originals e-liquid products for?

Cigara Originals were designed for people who want to transition from smoking to vaping. Their signature 30VG/70PG composition sets them apart from the rest of the e-liquid brands on the market as the perfect choice for beginner vapers who want to replicate the throat hit that comes with smoking a cigarette. With a selection of flavours to choose from ranging from tobacco to vanilla, Cigara Originals are suitable for people who prefer a wide variety of different taste sensations.

What composition are Cigara Originals e-liquid products?

Our beginner customers love Cigara Originals vape juice because they contain a 30VG/70PG composition. Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are the base components of any e-liquid, and the ratio of both drastically impacts the type of vape liquid that is produced. In the case of Cigara Originals products, the combination of these compounds creates an e-liquid that contains a strong throat hit. Beginners vapers prefer high PG compositions because the resulting thro