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Starter E-Liquids


We exist to help people in the UK transition from smoking to vaping. Advanced vapers have driven the industry to create a long list of new e-liquids with innovative compositions that are, unfortunately for beginner vapers, only appropriate for use with specific tanks.

We know that beginners might be confused by the difference between high PG, high VG, and sub ohm vape juice options. If you’re looking for e cig liquid that you can use with starter kit hardware options, then look no further. With our tailor-made range of the best e-liquid UK starter products from Cigara Originals, Dinner Lady, and Vampire Vape, there’s something for everyone in our collection of e-liquid concentrates.


What are starter vape juices?

Our range of starter liquids are specifically designed for beginners. They are compatible with a wide variety of vape kits, including our selection of starter vape kits. If you pair these e cig liquids with our starter kits, you can rest assured that your vape experience will be hassle-free.

Who do we recommend starter liquids for?

There are so many different vape juice variants to match with each different vape tank that it would be impossible for a smoker who wants to make the switch to vaping to quickly decide which one is perfect for them. Introducing starter liquids. We recommend starter e-liquid recipes for customers who want to transition from smoking to vaping without the fuss of researching complimentary tanks. Simply choose a product from our tailor-made range, add it to your starter kit, and begin vaping.

Are starter e-liquid recipes high VG?

We have hand-tailored our selection of starter e-liquid to include products that are compatible with starter kit tanks. They are not necessarily high VG or high PG, although our Cigara Originals range features a 50VG/50PG composition which is ideal for customers who want to experience quality flavour and vapour.

The best e-liquid UK options for beginners at myCigara

Our collection of starter liquids benefit from several years of industry experience. We have built this selection to create a hassle-free environment for smokers to transition over to vaping. On top of that, we offer a UK free delivery policy on all products in our online vape shop. Shop with us, and your vape experience will be more affordable than ever before.

Recommended Products

In the vast world of vape juice options, the choice between products can be a difficult one. That’s why we’ve curated a tailor-made recommended products section. We’re proud to stock some of the best e-liquid UK options for beginners on the vape market. Browse through our recommended products from each e cig liquid starter brand to discover your new favourite product.