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Made up of a chamber designed to hold your e Liquid and a set of coils that turn it into vapour, vape tanks are an integral part of every device or kit you purchase. You just can’t vape without them, but it can be so hard to find the right one. Not with our tailored collection. Customers keep coming back for our fantastic range of tanks: whether you’re a beginner, a veteran vaper, a jet setter or looking for a great deal, we’ve got the perfect tank for you.

Here at myCigara, we’ve been in the business for nine years, testing world class devices and tasting the most unique e Liquids, all to ensure that we put you first. We only stock the best-quality products, from industry leaders like SMOK and Voopoo to up-and-coming creators OFRF, so you know that you’re getting a safe and reliable vape every time.


What are Starter Tanks?

Starter tanks are a brilliant option for newer vapers who want a no-nonsense, simple chamber that enhances flavours. These tanks are compatible with most e Liquids above 50PG, giving you a fantastic range of vape juices to choose from. Why not give Dinner Lady e Liquids a go? This award-winning brand have been pushing the creative boundaries of e Liquids since 2016, devising great mouth-to-lung vapes that’ll help you forget about your cravings in no time.

Whilst this hand-picked range may seem rather small, this list exhibits the best tank brands to kickstart your vaping journey, like Innokin. Like myCigara, this vape giant always puts its customers first and with their different airflow options, they promise a clean and delicious draw every time.

What are Sub Ohm Tanks?

Sub Ohm tanks are normally recommended to more experienced vapers because they produce jaw-dropping clouds that are often too intense for newer vapers. Whilst they guarantee spectacular flavour, the emphasis is on the clouds, achieved by the low resistance coils built into the tank.

Wicking material is incredibly important in Sub Ohm vaping as bigger holes allow you to inhale more vapour and create a satisfying trail; SMOK know this, creating a brilliant range of tanks that’ll amaze even the most picky of cloud chasers.

Here at myCigara, we know that sometimes, the price just has to be right and Freemax know that too. They’re an outstanding brand, passionate about creating affordable products that support direct-to-lung inhalation; with great quality tanks starting at £8.99, anyone can give Sub Ohm vaping a go.

What are Disposable Vape Tanks?

Disposable tanks are available for both Plus Ohm and Sub Ohm vaping and most have the same innovative features. The only difference is that disposable vape tanks are made to be thrown away and that includes the non-replaceable coil fitted inside. You’ll know it’s time to replace your tank because your e Liquid may begin to lose its flavour so you don’t need to worry about taking the tank apart to inspect the condition of its parts.

Whilst these tanks need to be replaced more regularly than others, that doesn’t mean they’re any less powerful. We stock Innokin and Freemax’s disposable tanks because we know that they deliver excellent flavour and value for money; you can get 300 puffs from each of your many refills before these tanks require replacing.

Disposable vape tanks are very popular with globetrotters, as they’re compact and can be stored safely in hand luggage, vaped abroad and then disposed of, leaving extra room for memories and gifts. However, it’s important to note that wherever you are in the world, you need to dispose of your tank safely and sensibly. Make sure you read up on the vaping regulations for whichever country you’ll be in before going away in order to adhere to the rules and make your experience a memorable one—for all the right reasons!

Are Vape Tanks Interchangeable?

Some tanks and batteries have a matching 520 connector, even if they’re made by different brands. This little notch allows customers to attach vape tanks to batteries of a different brand or vice versa. Whilst swapping parts around may be quite straightforward, we advise newer vapers to resist doing so in case of accident or part malfunction. It can be quite difficult to fiddle with parts and reassemble a whole device correctly for usage.

We recommend that vapers stick to one brand for optimum flavour and cloud production, and once customers know what they like, they can move on to creating their own vape mods once they feel comfortable doing so.

Do I have to Replace my Vape Tank?

Whilst all of our tanks have satisfactory lifespans, wear and tear will naturally break them down meaning that they will eventually need to be replaced. It’s important that this is done because trying to fix a crack by your own means may cost you more money in the long run and potentially compromise your health.

Your tank may be in a great condition, but you might find that your device is slowing down or becoming less intuitive. This is because vape companies are always learning from and adapting their products, therefore older tanks may become ‘out of date’. This shouldn’t be seen as a negative however, it means you’ll get to try the latest technologies to really enhance every vape.

Replacing your vape tank doesn’t have to be arduous; our list is so extensive, we’re sure you’ll be able to find even the most obscure of tanks on our online store.

How to Clean Out a Vape Tank:

It’s good practice to clean your tank whenever you change your coils as it prevents contamination. Take your vape tank apart carefully; it may be useful to have a bowl in which you can store parts that you’re not immediately washing so you don’t lose anything. If your tank looks clean, just turn on a tap, wait until the water runs warm and rinse each part slowly and carefully. You can dab these parts dry with kitchen roll or leave them to drip-dry in a safe place.

If the tank is a little bit dirtier, filled with dried e Liquid or stained by wicking material, there are several things you can do to get it looking spick and span again. Fill a bowl with water and put it in the microwave for two minutes, until it’s a lot warmer than a tap would be. Place the dissembled tank inside the bowl and leave to rinse. Once the water is cool, remove your parts and give them a final run until the tap before letting them drip dry, safely out of reach of children. It’s important to let the pieces dry naturally as using a hairdryer or something similar to speed up the process may damage your kit.

If you think your microwaved water isn’t quite doing the trick, you can also try baking soda or vinegar. These natural cleaning agents work well with warm water, but make sure you properly clean your tank out afterwards so as not to leave an aftertaste! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask our friendly staff in any of our nationwide stores or check out our handy blog on maintaining you vape tank.

Vape Tanks at myCigara

We’re determined to make the UK smoke free and we’re proud to stock the very best vape tanks to make it a reality. We’ll support you every step of the way; just take a look at our handy blog posts for all the advice and tips you could need. However, if after looking at our amazing articles you’ve still got questions, like ‘what are the best tanks for vaping?’ or ‘why is my vape tank getting hot?’, fee; free to drop us a message or find your nearest store here.

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