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Browse through our tailor-made range of e-liquid nicotine shots to discover the perfect product to complement our shortfill range. Nicotine shots are typically flavourless, and function as a vehicle to add your choice of nicotine strength into your shortfill e-liquid. These products are an essential part of any advanced vapers kit. Our range features flavourless, 10ml nic shot, and ice nic shot options to suit every taste bud from the renowned NicNic brand. We offer 11mg, 18mg, and 20mg options to cater to our customers who prefer a strong vape hit.

What are e-liquid nicotine shots?

Choose from this range to have a hassle-free addition to your e cigarette e-liquid which features your preferred amount of strength. We cater to all our customers with a selection of 11mg, 18mg, and 20mg strengths. Most of the products in our range feature a 70VG/30PG composition, which means that they are compatible with a wide variety of standard e cig liquids. We offer one 100VG product for customers who do not want to compromise on flavour.

Who do we recommend nic shots for?

These products are ideal for more mature customers who appreciate the ability to add a pure nicotine hit to their shortfill e cigarette e-liquid. The added benefit of using flavourless nic shot products is that you do not have to match together flavours, which can become difficult with the amount of flavour variants on the market.

Are e-liquid nicotine shot products high VG?

Our range of shot products are mostly high VG. This makes them compatible with a wide variety of e cig liquids and tanks. We do, however, stock one 100VG option that comes with 18mgs of nicotine strength. This product is highly sought after by customers who want to experience the pinnacle of flavour.  

Nic shots at myCigara

We’re proud to stock these products to cater to our customers who prefer an intense, immediate vape hit. Avoid the hassle of pairing together flavours with this simple, easy-to-use range of 10ml bottles and 10mg, 11mg, 20mg, and 18mg nicotine shot options. And don’t forget, we offer a UK free delivery policy on all products in our online vape shop.

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