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IQOS Heets Heated Tobacco Sticks

IQOS Heets are specially designed to be used in tandem with the new IQOS cigarette; the popular IQOS 3 Duo. These slim and compact heated tobacco sticks slot seamlessly into your IQOS device and are ready to use straight out of the pack. Available in a range of strengths and delicious flavours, Heets sticks contain real tobacco leaf to deliver an authentic tobacco experience with no smoke, odour, or burning, creating a great vaping alternative to help quit smoking.

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IQOS Heets Flavours

Heets are available in a wide range of exciting flavour profiles, blending real tobacco with smooth and silky golden notes for a satisfying taste, ranging from mellow to intense blends. They even offer a few unique flavour profiles, covering fruity favourites and menthol classics for customers looking for an exciting taste experience. Here’s a quick peek at the Heets flavours available:

Amber (rounded and rich)
Blue (deep menthol)
Sienna (intense and full-bodied)
Turquoise (smooth menthol)
Yellow (smooth and balanced)
Green (toasted tobacco and menthol)
Teak (nutty and creamy)
Russet (rich and malty)
Mauve (menthol and fruit)


1. Which IQOS Heets is the strongest?

If you’re looking for the strongest and most intense tobacco taste out there, look no further than the Amber variety of Heets. These Heets have a robust and full-bodied golden tobacco taste with a rich aroma that’s sure to satisfy ex-smokers and those trying to quit smoking. Even if you’re not a fan of tobacco flavours, Heets Amber is a must-try for IQOS kit owners.

2. Are Heets cigarettes?

Although Heets sticks look very similar to regular cigarettes, they can’t be used in the same way. Heets sticks are designed to be used with an IQOS holder, which heats up the stick to release a nicotine-rich vapour. Unlike regular cigarettes, IQOS Heets are warmed to a specific temperature to prevent burning, resulting in no smoke, ash, or foul odour being produced.

3. Can you smell Heets?

As Heets are heated rather than burned, you won’t have to worry about the stale smoke odour that comes along with smoking cigarettes. Although certain varieties of Heets sticks can emit a slight odour when heating, this is far less intense than a regular cigarette and some people even describe it as a mellow and pleasant aroma. 

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