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Check out our huge range of Bar Series vape juice here— from their potent, beginner-friendly nic salts to their array of shortfill e-liquid.

Bar Series Brand

Bar Series is among the biggest names in the vape juice industry, making a name for themselves with their great array of eliquid flavours. Inspired by popular disposable vape flavours, Bar Series liquid allows you to enjoy your favourite disposable blends in your very own vape kit. 

Here’s a breakdown of the different Bar Series e-liquid available:

Nic Salts

Bar Series nic salts are perfect for beginners and fans of disposable vapes. Available in strong 10mg and 20mg strengths, these Bar Series salts ensure fast-acting nicotine relief to rapidly curb cigarette cravings.


Bar Series shortfills are designed for more advanced vape fans and those who prefer large vapour clouds. Mixed to a 70VG:30PG ratio and a nicotine-free formula, users can add up to 2 nic shots to create their perfect vape juice.

Frequently Asked Questions: Bar Series FAQs

1. What Is Bar Series?

Bar Series is a popular British e liquid brand, best known for mixing up quirky and exciting flavour blends inspired by fan-favourite disposable vape flavours. With different e-liquids to suit every experience level, you know you can rely on Bar Series during every stage of your quit smoking journey.

2. Which Bar Series E Liquid Should I Use?

The right Bar Series liquid for you will depend on what stage of your quit smoking journey you’re on, your lifestyle and vaping style. Beginners and those seeking a potent and fast-acting nicotine hit should opt for Bar Series nic salt. Meanwhile, experienced users in search of large vapour clouds will prefer the intense hit of Bar Series shortfills.

3. Is Elf Bar Safe?

Yes— any Elf Bar products sold in the UK by reputable retailers are considered safe. This is because all vaping and tobacco products sold in the UK are subject to TPD restrictions and guidelines. The Tobacco Products Directive ensures that all vaping products sold in Britain— including Elf Bar vapes— are thoroughly assessed, regulated and capped at a 2ml capacity for customer safety.

4. Where To Buy Bar Series

You can find the complete range of Bar Series e-liquids here at myCigara, including both their nic salt and shortfill collections, all available in a great array of popular Bar Series flavours. 

You can shop your favourite Bar Series e-liquid right here on our website with ease. Take advantage of our exclusive deals and bundles to ensure you’re always getting the best price. Plus, our fully tracked shipping with next-day delivery options guarantees a quick and easy shopping experience from start to finish. 

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