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Looking for Sub Ohm vape tanks? Whether you’re wanting intense flavour or awe-inspiring clouds, your search is finally over. We know how important it is to get every component just right. That’s why we’re proud to stock a range of fantastic tanks for leading vape kits that’ll ensure a great quality vape each and every time.

From leading designers like Geekvape and SMOK to up-and-coming brand Freemax, we know that you’ll find the right tank for you. Peruse this page and get lost in the stylish colours and sleek parts that we have to offer and with our free UK delivery, your dream Sub Ohm tank could be with you in a matter of days!

What is a Sub Ohm Tank?

Every vape tank is made up of a chamber (which holds the e Liquid), an atomiser (essentially the coils and wick, heating up and turning the liquid into vapour), an insertion point and a drip tip (from which you inhale the vapour). Tanks are made Sub Ohm or Plus Ohm by the resistance of the integrated coils. Coil resistance is covered in more detail, but in short, if the resistance is above 1.0 Ohm, it’s a Plus Ohm tank and if it’s below, the tank is suitable for Sub Ohm vaping. You can get tanks that are suitable for both, mainly vape starter kits, but once vapers begin exploring their preferences, they often find that they prefer one style of vaping over the other.

Who can use a Sub Ohm Tank?

Many customers presume that to Sub Ohm vape, you must be an experienced vaper, but this isn’t always the case; tanks like the Uwell Valyrian, with its large drip tip, are incredibly easy to use. However, Sub Ohm vapers often customise their own kits—that’s why many of the tanks we offer fit flawlessly into certain devices, making us your number one choice when buying replacement tanks for your kit. Take the HorizonTech Falcon King tank; it’s designed for the Falcon King Pen, which we also sell, but putting together your own kit is often fiddly and can even be dangerous for those who don’t know how to do it properly. This is why we recommend Sub Ohm vaping to more experienced customers, however, if you’re ever unsure of which Sub Ohm tank to buy, or how to install one, please come and speak to us in one of our national stores.

What e Liquid should I put in my Sub Ohm Tank?

Sub Ohm tanks work very well with higher VG liquids, creating jaw-dropping clouds, however it’s important to remember that every tank is different and may suit different VG levels. Here at myCigara, we recognise that customers are just as unique as the tanks that they use; that’s why we offer such a large range of delicious e Liquids to suit all kind of Sub Ohm vaping, including shortfills, salt nics and nicotine shots. How about getting your hands on Dinner Lady’s award-winning Lemon Tart Shortfill? At 70VG/30PG, it complements most Sub Ohm vape kits and this zingy treat comes completely free of nicotine, so you can add your own for a more customisable vape.

Nicotine Levels and Direct-to-Lung Vaping

You may find that a lot of e Liquids that are suitable for Sub Ohm vape kits have different nicotine levels than what you’re used to and this is because it often requires a different style of vaping: direct-to-lung. We’ve covered this in more detail, but to summarise, direct-to-lung vaping involves inhaling the vapour directly to the lungs, rather than holding it in your mouth first.

If you inhaled 18mg of nicotine directly into your lungs, you could make yourself exceptionally poorly, potentially even ending up with nicotine poisoning. Additionally, as the nicotine is going straight to your lungs, it’s absorbed into the blood stream faster and therefore does not need to be as powerful.

In light of this, we recommend that you alter your nicotine strength for Sub Ohm vaping to no higher than 6mg; we promise that you won’t need it. In fact, recent research has stated that exciting and unfamiliar flavours can distract ex-smokers from their cravings, so this is the perfect opportunity to try Butter Apple by Cosmic Fog. This tantalising taste of Autumn guarantees a fruity, caramel and cinnamon crunch whilst giving you the room to experiment and add your own nicotine strength.

How to Fill a Sub Ohm Tank:

You fill a Sub Ohm tank the way you would fill up your usual vape tank; depending on what kind of e liquid you’re using, you might just leave your tank a little empty in order to add your chosen amount of nicotine. Messy loading is a thing of the past with most Sub Ohm tanks; the Freemax Fireluke II has a sliding cap, which allows you to fill the tank without unnecessary fiddling and its patented vent holes speed up the filling process and prevent leakage.

Another vape tank built with customers in mind is the Geekvape Zeus; not only is the tank completely leakproof, but its simple slide design means that you can change coils and inspect your tank quickly and easily.

What is the Best Sub Ohm Tank for Clouds?

Whilst most Sub Ohm tanks focus on vapour production, we recognise that each vaper wants to create their own experience and our selection of tanks really reflect this individuality—rest assured, you’ll find the perfect tank for you!

We love the OFRF NexMesh Tank, which is really pushing the technological boundaries of vaping devices, paving the way for other Sub Ohm tanks. Like myCigara, OFRF really care about their customers, aiming to give them the smoothest experience possible through their innovative use of wicking; employing two layers of cotton reduces the number of dry hits and minimises the risk of oily lips for vapers.

Customers love the Uwell Nunchaku 2; its adjustable airflow and large output range means you’re completely in control of the amount of vapour you produce, a dream for cloud chasers. And the best part? The tank has patented self-cleaning technology, reducing the amount of maintenance it requires.

What is the Best Sub Ohm Tank for Flavour?

The Aspire Cleito Pro Tank really packs a punch—its large wicking holes allow plenty of vapour through which, when combined with the equipped 0.5 mesh coils, turn your chosen e Liquid flavour into a taste sensation. 

Another firm favourite with customers is the SMOK TFV16 Lite; its unique conical shape condenses the vapour as it moves up towards the drip tip, giving vapers an energetic burst of flavour that simply can’t be found in any other tank.

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Want to make a more sustainable choice? The Freemax Gemm Disposable Tank is built with eco-friendly material and its specially patented wicking material (90% tea fibre cotton and 10% organic cotton) delivers refreshing flavours at least 40 times over before it can be disposed of.

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