Top 5 Puff Bar Disposable Vapes

by Theo Wilson
Best Puff Bar Flavours: Disposable Beco Vapes Reviewed

Best Puff Bar Flavours: Disposable Beco Vapes Reviewed

What Puff Bar flavour is Best? Seems to be a question our customers would love to know the answer to! Before we get through the countdown its worth noting the journey of this disposable vape. The Beco Bar is an ultra-light, user-friendly disposable vape, created specifically as a UK/EU equivalent to the popular Puff Bar range found on the US market. The discreet design and bold flavours of the original Puff Bar proved to be a winning combination; however, EU regulations prevented its sale outside the US. Thus, by a happy accident, the Beco Bar was born.

Beco Puff Bar disposables are some of the lightest and most portable vape kits currently on the market. With their unique bar-shaped design, they’re possibly the most pocket-friendly vape available, meaning they’re an especially good choice for customers who want something unobtrusive and effective that can be taken anywhere.

A Beco Puff Bar is truly an excellent vape starter kit.These devices feature strong, well-balanced flavours; crisp and clear without becoming cloying, they deliver a solid nicotine hit that’s certain to curb cravings. At 300 puffs, they’re admittedly on the lower end of the puff count scale. However, this can in fact be beneficial for new users; a shorter-lasting device means that you can switch flavours more often, allowing you to test out the full range until you find a flavour that works for you, rather than committing long-term to a flavour you may not enjoy.

With that in mind, let’s get into the flavours —which are often the deciding factor, after all. Every Beco Puff Bar has the same technical stats —1.3ml of nic salts at a robust strength of 20mg/ml, which gives you around 300 puffs of smooth throat hits and swift, steady nicotine satisfaction. So the only thing you really need to worry about is picking the perfect profile that will tantalise your taste buds. Below we’ll run you through some of the most popular flavours in the Beco Bar range, and hopefully you’ll leave with a better sense of which flavour will work for you.

5. Puff Bar Beco Blue Razz

The first profile on our list is an eclectic flavour that’s proven to be a recurring favourite amongst vape fans of all stripes. As we head into the darkest depths of winter, sometimes a flavour that takes us back to the hottest heights of summertime can be just the ticket.

A cool breeze of crisp refreshment, Blue Razz is a welcome hit of sweetly soothing tones that are ideal for putting a pep in your step. Taking inspiration from a childhood classic, Blue Razz is a blend of luscious blueberries and gentle raspberries, swirled into a soothing slushie base. With its bright fruit flavours and exhilarating minty finish, this profile is sure to put a smile on your face. Blue Razz also displays the Beco Puff Bar knack for keeping flavours balanced.

Whereas it’s easy to imagine a slushie flavour becoming sickly sweet, this vape uses slushie elements to provide a base that’s more icy than sugary, instead letting the sweetness arise in a more natural manner through its dynamic duo of fruit flavours.

Sweet enough to feel like a treat, but minty and mellow enough to stay refreshing throughout the day, Blue Razz is a contemporary classic that’s sure to satisfy. Still looking for something more mellow, dare we say more mature, and refined? Read on and say hello to...

4. Puff Bar Beco Lychee Ice

Next on our list is an exotic temptress, able to transport you to faraway climes with a single puff, a pocket-sized passport to your own private getaway. The Lychee Ice disposable vape from Beco Bar is a tantalising twist on the tried and true Ice genre of vapes, travelling further afield to return with a masterclass in mouthwatering satisfaction.

Deeply aromatic, Lychee has a gently sweet flavour somewhere between pear and strawberry, with an added hint of citrusy undertone, and a rose-like floral note running throughout. Sweet, with a gentle, invigorating acidic and a unique floral fragrance, Lychee is a one-of-kind fruit that’s sure to elevate your vaping experience. This puff bar heightens the indomitable Lychee flavour with the addition of a soothing mentholated kick, highlighting every juicy note of this profile to leave your palate cleansed, and your senses reawoken.

One puff from the Lychee Ice Beco Puff Bar can transport you up and away from the workaday world, to your own private sanctum of sweet serenity, leaving you refreshed and renewed once you return.

Of course, the adventurous flavour-seeker may well want to journey on in search of ultimate refreshment. Well, seek and ye shall find...

3. Puff Bar Beco Spearmint

Taking the bronze medal spot on our list is a perky profile that plays with paradox, managing to be both classic and unique all at once. Although mint and mentholated flavours abound in the world of vaping, Spearmint may be seen as a somewhat untapped resource. Subtler and less mentholated than peppermint, Spearmint has a more delicate, fragrant flavour, erring on the side of light and gentle sweetness, whilst still remaining bright and refreshing.

Beco Bar Spearmint thus presents you with a petite palate-cleanser, a coolly refreshing profile that’s ideal for enjoying at any time of day, sure to leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and invigorated. With the recurring popularity of menthol and Ice flavours, it’s no surprise that such a pure expression of the form as this ranks so highly.

As clean in flavour as it is in straightforward presentation, this Spearmint Beco puff bar is one cool customer. We also reckon Spearmint is a particularly strong choice if you’re interested in a puff bar to help you quit smoking. You might just find that a minty palate-cleanser is the perfect replacement to help you avoid the lure of the classic post-meal cigarette.

However, if you prefer your mintiness with more of a juicy twist, you’ll want to read on to see our next top puff bar...

2. Puff Bar Beco Strawberry Ice

Our silver-medallist puff bar boasts a bright flavour that vape fans simply cannot get enough of. Iced fruit flavours are some of the most common suspects across all types of e-liquid and disposable vape, and few can stake a claim to being as perennially popular as Strawberry Ice.

Simultaneously bold and gentle, this ruby-red rockstar of a puff bar delivers a loving, sun-soaked kiss with every puff, providing supremely soothing flavour and nicotine relief that will make you forget all about smelly cigarettes.

Lusciously sweet, but never overbearingly so, the tender tones of Strawberry have a natural lightness that pairs perfectly with menthol, crafting a cooling, calming caress that’s sure to relieve tension at any time of the day. The colour red is often said to symbolise passion, and there may well be something to that. One thing’s for sure, vape fans are pretty passionate in their adoration of this flavour profile.

Ripe, juicy strawberries and cooling, crushed ice, seductively swirled together; what’s not to like? So, add a splash of colour to your nicotine hit and let the sunshine in with the juicy jewel that is Strawberry Ice by Beco Puff Bar. We’re keeping the red carpet rolled out for our final entry, a profile best described as “refreshment royalty...”

1. Puff Bar Beco Lush Ice

In a way, Lush Ice comes to us as a mystery, a riddle to be solved. After all, “lush” may describe the sensation likely to be experienced with this puff bar, but it doesn’t actually tell us what flavour it is. Maybe the desire to solve this mystery has contributed to the popularity of this disposable? Well, as soon as you hit it, there’s no mystery as to which unique flavour it is you’re currently savouring.

Yes, Lush Ice is the flagship watermelon flavour from Beco Bar, their winning entry in the wide world of fruity vapes. There’s a fair claim to be made that Watermelon is the most popular fruit flavour in vaping. Stiff competition? Not for this brand. One of the hallmarks of Beco Baris their skill in balance strength and subtlety in their flavour profiles, a skill which plays out perfectly here.

Watermelon is a gentle flavour —dare we say lush? —that needs to be handled with care. Mix it too rich and it risks losing its gentle essence. Uniquely hydrating, soft, and with an effortless balance of sweet and tart tones, watermelon isn’t a flavour you want to drown out —although it may well be a flavour you want to drown in. In pairing it with soothing waves of menthol, Beco Bar have created one of the most reassuringly refreshing flavour profiles imaginable.

Watermelon taken to heavenly new heights by cooling mint? It’s nigh on impossible to resist taking a dip into this inviting liquid, and to leave it without feeling reborn.

Puff Bar Disposables at myCigara

Here at myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. We believe that by offering customers options such as a disposable e-cigarette from Beco Puff Bar, we’re that much closer to achieving our goal. Deftly designed and discreet, potent yet petite, these disposables are an excellent first step on your journey toward freedom from smoking.

One of the best things about vaping compared to smoking is how much money you’ll save. A single Beco Bar is equivalent to around 20 cigarettes but at a fraction of the cost. Even better, you can stock up and save with our multibuy bundles. Feel like mixing it up? Mix & match with our sweet 8-for-£25 deal on the Beco Puff Bar. If you’ve already found your favourite flavour, you can quickly and easily buy in bulk with our 10-packs.

If you need a hand in finding the right vape for you, fear not. We’ve got a blog that gives you a full rundown on disposable vapes, as well as a blog to help you find the right disposable to match your lifestyle. In addition, you can always get in touch with us with any queries, or drop by your nearest myCigara branch for a chat with our friendly store staff