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Nasty Fix is the flagship disposable vape from one of the top e-liquid flavour brands, Nasty Juice. The Nasty Fix has a unique pedigree, being one of the first disposable vape kits to offer adjustable airflow technology, giving users more control and freedom. This, combined with their sleek design and delicious Nasty Juice flavours, has made them an excellent vape kit for new and old vape fans alike.

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Nasty Fix UK Vape Deals

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Nasty Fix Disposable Vape Flavours

Nasty Fix currently offer 13 carefully selected disposable vape flavours. Nasty Fix have some of the most unique and delectable disposable vape flavours on the market, thanks to their heritage from the Nasty Juice e-liquid range. Veteran vape fans will no doubt recognise their old faves, and new users are sure to soon discover what all the fuss is about. Their flavour list includes:

Bloody Berry
Asap Grape
Wicked Haze
Blackcurrant Cotton Candy
Sicko Blue
Double Apple Shisha
Trap Queen
Cushman Banana
Slow Blow
Vanilla Tobacco
Watermelon Ice

Nasty Fix Disposable Vape FAQS

1. Are Nasty Fix disposables good?

Nasty Fix disposables are a good choice for several reasons. They are the brainchild of Nastyn Juice, so you’ll be able to get unique, brand-exclusive flavours you won't find anywhere else. They also offer adjustable airflow, over 600 puffs, and a design that’s sleek and subtle, yet still eye-catching.

2. How many puffs is a Nasty Fix?

A Nasty Fix disposable vape gives you 675 puffs. As always, we remind our customers that puff counts are an estimate; taking deeper, longer draws may reduce puff count somewhat.

3. How many cigarettes are in a Nasty Fix vape?

A Nasty Fix disposable is equivalent to roughly 45 cigarettes. This is based on each Nasty Fix disposable providing roughly 675 puffs. For reference, 600 puffs is typically considered equivalent to 30-40 cigarettes.

4. How long does a Nasty Fix last?

A Nasty Fix disposable should last somewhere between 2-4 days, depending on how heavily you vape. Obviously, heavier usage will result in a shorter product lifespan, whereas lighter, less frequent usage means your vape will last longer.

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