A cardiology study has found that e-cigarettes can lower heart rates and blood pressures of people who smoke.

It is well known that smoking traditional cigarettes can increase blood pressure and heart rates, but it has been found that if smokers change to an e-cigarette, their health will increase tremendously.

A Cardiologist, Dr K Farsalinos, provided this study and spoke out against those who want to ban e-cigarettes, he said: “You should fight for your lives and your health. It is absolutely irresponsible and dangerous behaviour to ban e-cigarettes.”

“All of these studies until now, without exception, were done without considering realistic e-cigarette use, that was the major problem.”

There have been wayward reports indicating e-cigarettes produce harmful chemicals that are carcinogenic, Dr Farsalinos says there is “absolutely no evidence hamiacetals are toxic”.

E-cigarettes are widely considered 95% safer than regular cigarettes and the NHS is looking to prescribe e-cigs to smokers.