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Ploom and Evo Heated Tobacco Vaping Alternative

Ploom is a leading heated tobacco brand from JTI, providing a sleek and contemporary approach to tobacco enjoyment. Heated tobacco, or ‘Heat not Burn’ technology, is an excellent vaping alternative for anyone looking to finally quit smoking. By using real tobacco, it delivers a satisfying sensation reminiscent of smoking, but free from the actual smoke or smell. Cheaper and healthier than traditional smoking, heated tobacco is an ideal tool to quit smoking for good.

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Ploom Heated Tobacco UK

At myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. That’s why we’re now proud to stock vaping alternatives and heated tobacco from Ploom alongside our regular vaping products. All of our products are fully TPD-compliant and we work directly alongside manufacturers and official suppliers to deliver the best products to anyone looking to quit smoking for good.

When you shop online with us, you can enjoy competitive prices on the best products and a stress-free secure checkout process that takes only a couple of clicks to complete. Plus, once you’ve decided on an order, simply take your pick between DPD next-day delivery or fully free Royal Mail shipping. Then kick back and relax as your fully tracked parcel is shipped from our warehouse straight to your doorstep.

Ploom X and Ploom Evo

Ploom currently offer a sleek, stylish setup available as a starter bundle for first-time customers. Their flagship Ploom X device is a hand-held kit with a premium, soft-touch feel, boasting USB-C fast-charging capabilities and pristine portability. Alongside the Ploom X device, this heat not burn system uses Ploom Evo tobacco sticks. With a slim, extended filter tip and filled with fine-cut real tobacco, and available in a variety of strengths and flavours, Ploom Evo sticks give you a perfectly cigalike experience, without all the smoke and smell

Ploom FAQS

1. What is Ploom?

Ploom is a brand of heated tobacco products from JTI. A vaping alternative and great option to help quit smoking, heated tobacco technology allows you to enjoy real tobacco, free from smoke, smell, and combustion. They currently offer their flagship Heat not Burn device, the Ploom X, alongside a variety of their patented Ploom Evo heated tobacco sticks.

2. Is Ploom vaping?

Ploom is neither vaping nor smoking, it is instead a heated tobacco brand. Heated Tobacco shares some similarities with vaping, namely that it is smoke-free, but it is otherwise a different product entirely.

3. How long does a Ploom stick last?

A Ploom stick should last for around 5 minutes. Heating duration for Ploom sticks may vary somewhat, depending on the heat intensity setting of your Ploom device. A higher heat will give a more intense, but shorter-lasting use, whereas a lower heat gives a milder, longer-lasting experience.

4. Is heated tobacco the same as vaping?

No, heated tobacco is not the same as vaping. Heated tobacco uses real tobacco and tobacco sticks that are similar to cigarettes, unlike vaping, which contains no tobacco and vaporises e-liquid. There are some similarities; both products are designed to help quit smoking, both are smoke-free, and both use heat rather than combustion to deliver nicotine. However, Heated Tobacco and Heat not Burn products are classed as tobacco products, whereas vaping is not classed as such.

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