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Voopoo Refillable Vape Pods Replacement

Voopoo pods are designed to be used with their pod vape kits. These handy refillable pods give users the freedom to top up their vape kit with any e-liquid they like, from any brand. They’re also compatible with Voopoo premium mesh coils for a flavourful vape. So whether you’re using the Vinci Pod Kit, Drag X, Nano, or Argus, you can rest assured we’ve got the right Voopoo vape pod to suit your needs to guarantee a seamless vaping experience every time.

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Voopoo Pods UK Vape Deals

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Voopoo Pods - FAQs

1. How long do Voopoo pods last?

The lifespan of your Voopoo pod will depend on which pod vape kit and vape pods you’re using. Some Voopoo pods, such as their PNP Pods designed to be paired with the Drag X pod kit, allow you to switch out the coil as soon as it’s depleted, so you can reuse the pod again and again.

However, if you’re using the Voopoo Vinci, Drag Nano, or Argus Pod kits, the compatible vape cartridges come with a built-in coil, so you’ll need to replace the entire pod when the coil has depleted. You’ll know it’s time to change your coil if you start to experience a burnt taste or lack of flavour.

2. Are Voopoo pods refillable?

Yes, all of our Voopoo pods are refillable. This gives users the freedom to top up their Voopoo pod kit with any e-liquid they choose, so you’re not tied to just one brand. Some Voopoo refillable pods feature a side-filling port, whereas others require you to remove the pod from the device to refill from the bottom. Each refillable pod is held securely in place thanks to a strong magnetic connection, so you’ll never have to worry about untimely leaks and spills.

3. Is Voopoo a good brand?

Voopoo is undeniably one of the best vape hardware brands on the scene, consistently pleasing customers with their premium vape kits, coils and replacement pods. Well known for their superior build quality since 2010, Voopoo are master manufacturers in the world of vaping and have taken the industry by storm with their unique Gene chip and range of vape starter kits, disposables, and coils.

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