Vype ePen 3 VS Vype ePod

by Theo Wilson
Vype ePen 3 VS Vype ePod Devices

Vype ePen 3 VS Vype ePod Devices

Finding the perfect vape device can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Before you find the kit of your dreams, you are bound to come across brands with less than stellar reputations pushing new features over tried and tested hardware.

Govype established themselves as a brand to watch out for when they introduced the Vype ePen 3 and the Vype ePod. By focusing on compact designs and hassle-free technology, this brand carved out a niche for themselves that appeals to people who prefer minimalistic designs.

Appearances can be deceiving. From the outside, both devices look strikingly similar. The eagle-eyed vaper might notice that each kit has a different set of complementary features that create an alternative vape experience. This article puts these two titan devices head to head and compares them in terms of battery, functionality, and customisable options so that you can find your new favourite kit.

The History of Vype

GoVype launched their most successful endeavour to date in 2013. Their iconic Vype ePen 3 and Vype ePod devices emerged during a time when the big brands in the vape industry were focused on advertising larger mods and chunkier devices. The introduction of their ePen and ePod devices allowed them to surge ahead of the competition and claim the spot of the top vape brand for minimalistic hardware.

That is not to say that these devices do not come with useful features. Even minor additions, like the introduction of a duck-bill mouthpiece on the Vype ePod, can drastically change your vape experience. Whether you are looking for an ergonomic fit, a soft-touch design, or a draw-activated kit, we have got your covered with our selection of Vype vape products.

Vype vape fans can also experience limited edition versions of their hardware which comes in a cool teal colour. These new devices are complimented by the vPro range, which is available for both ePod and ePen kits.

Here at Cigara, we know that the devil is in the details. This article endeavours to help you decide which kit is best for your vaping needs by highlighting the differences between two tried and tested devices.  

The History of Vype

Vype ePen 3 VS Vype ePod Design

The vape community is split. Some favour a device that contains all the internal mechanisms necessary to power an intense, immense vape hit. Others opt for a mixture between internal power and a visually appealing exterior. With the Vype ePod and ePen, you do not have to compromise.

The Vype ePen 3 is often favoured over its ePod counterpart for its soft-touch design, which makes for a satisfying handling experience. This feature adds an element of comfort to the device that cannot be replicated by the smooth Vype ePod casing.

What is more, the Vype ePen also features a curved, ergonomic design. For some vapers, the ability to hold their kit snugly in the palm of their hand is more important than any other trait. In contrast, the ePod’s compact exterior partially replicates the feeling of holding a traditional cigarette.

The ePod is not devoid of ergonomic features. The duck-bill mouthpiece adds a degree of comfort and ease by moulding itself to your mouth. This, along with the draw-activated mechanism inside the ePod, makes for a seamless vape experience.

Unlike the ePod, the Vype 3 features a button. In keeping with the soft-touch design, this button is tactile, and must be held to turn the device on or off and to vape.

Vype decided early on that compactness is key. At just 104.2mm x 10.5mm x 19.1m, the ePod is slightly smaller than the ePen, which is 123mm x 25mm x 20mm. People with their hearts set on the most minimalistic design possible will favour the ePod, whilst those who prefer feeling a chunkier device should opt for the ePen. 

Vype ePen 3 VS Vype ePod Design

Vype ePen 3 VS Vype ePod Battery

Choosing the right battery is an important part of ensuring that your device matches your day to day usage. Both the Vype ePen 3 and the Vype ePod contain in-built batteries, which means that you cannot boost the performance of either device with a battery mod. Because of this, the battery in your kit must align with your preferences.
With a compact frame comes reduced battery space.

The slimline nature of pod devices means that their battery capacity is lower than their vape mod and sub ohm kit counterparts.
The ePen 3’s 650mAh battery leaves the ePod’s in-built 350mAh power source in the dust. Complete with an added 300mAh, the ePen can be relied on for long stretches of time between charges. We recommend the ePen for vapers who are always on-the-go, and the ePod for people who are never too far away from a charger.

Vype have stated that both devices last for approximately 300 full charge cycles, which means that the choice between these two devices is entirely down to your personal vaping style. If you prefer to take long, drawn-out drags, the ePod will need another charge before you know it. 

Vype ePen 3 VS Vype ePod Battery

Vype ePen 3 VS Vype ePod Colour Options

We know that functionality is not the only consideration when it comes to finding your new favourite device. All the products in our online vape shop are chosen for their ability to create quality vape experiences time after time, and Vype are no exception. Their insistence on maintaining the same slimline design choices throughout the years has allowed them to branch out and create visually appealing colour options to suit every taste.

The Vype ePen 3 is the device to go to for a variety of stylish skins. We stock three different ePen 3 kit options, all of which have their own aesthetic appeal. The Device Only option comes in your choice of green, pink, black, or silver, whereas the Starter Kit with two pods comes in white, black, gold, silver, and blue.

Enthusiastic beginners might be disappointed to discover that the Vype ePod Starter Kit does not come in nearly as many colour choices. This device maintains its sleek demeanour with a single black option.

Both devices boast a limited edition mint colour that has been in high demand ever since it hit the market. Fans of the brand can buy a Limited Edition Mint ePen device with two mint flavoured refills or a Limited Edition Mint ePod device with a mint flavoured cartridge

Vype ePen 3 VS Vype ePod Colour Options

Vype ePen 3 VS Vype ePod Pods

Both the Vype ePen 3 and the Vype ePod operate on closed-pod systems. These types of devices contain an in-built power source and use prefilled pods instead of traditional tanks. This eliminates accidental spills and the need to replace coils.

Vype cartridges come in two main forms. Beginner vapers can choose pods prefilled with starter liquids and people who favour nic salts can opt for the vPro range. Nicotine salts are sourced from a naturally occurring salt found in tobacco. Because they are absorbed more effectively into the bloodstream than standard e liquids, they provide a quicker vape hit.

Pod kit enthusiasts are known for favouring convenience. The magnetic click-fit system in both the ePen 3 and the ePod creates a seamless vape experience. It adds an extra layer of security and comfort, which is perfect for individuals who are always on-the-go. Simply click in your preferred e liquid flavour and begin vaping.

The main difference between Vype ePen 3 cartridges and Vype ePod refills is their capacity. Clocking in at 1.9mls, Vype ePod refill cartridges can provide a day-long vape sensation with approximately 275 puffs per pod. Despite containing .1mls more e liquid than its counterpart, the ePen 3 only guarantees 200 puffs per cartridge. Of course, the longevity of your refill depends on your personal vaping style. If you favour small, discrete puffs throughout the day, you will have no problem with the ePen 3’s smaller capacity. 

Vype ePen 3 VS Vype ePod Pods

Vype ePen 3 VS Vype ePod Pricing

Compared to smoking, vaping is an affordable option that allows the pounds to take care of themselves. We stock five different Vype vape devices in our online vape shop, which means that there is a price point to suit all of our customers.

Our Device Only ePen 3 option comes in at an affordable £9.99, with the ePen 3 Starter Kit with two pods following closely at £19.99. Packs of Vype ePen cartridges cost £5.49, and £4.99 at a reduced rate. This means that it is cheaper to buy all the starter kit products separately. However, the kit does contain two separate flavours. To replicate the exact starter kit, you would have to purchase two different pod packs.

The Limited Edition Mint ePen device with two pods is £19.99, which means that you are paying a slight premium for the coveted teal body.
Because we do not stock a single ePod device, fans have to purchase the device itself in a starter kit. The Starter Kit with a mango flavoured refill comes in at £14.99. With ePod cartridges coming in at £5.99 (unless they are on sale at a reduced rate of £4.99), you are paying around £9 for the device itself.

Although the Limited Edition Mint ePod device with a mint flavoured cartridge is usually sold for £19.99, it is currently being sold for an absolute steal at £9.99. 

Vype ePen 3 VS Vype ePod Conclusions

You cannot go wrong with a Vype vape device. Every kit that leaves Vype’s production room has been tried and tested to ensure that it delivers an amazing taste sensation. There is a very fine line between these two devices. Given the ePen’s astounding 650mAh in-built battery, customers might expect the compatible pods to contain more puffs per product.

Whilst its battery life is more tailored to advanced vapers who want a hassle-free experience that allows them to vape all day without recharging their device, the 200 puffs inside each pod means that spare cartridges have to be on hand at all times.

What the ePod lacks in battery power it makes up for in its minimalistic style. While the ePen is often hailed as the choice for people who favour an ergonomic design, the ePod’s duck-bill feature is often ignored. This, along with the draw-activated mechanism in-built into the design, creates a seamless vape experience that is perfect for people who want to feel like their device is a natural extension of themselves, rather than a piece of tech.

Either of these products would be ideal for people who want a compact and discrete device that they can depend on. That being said, we recommend the ePen for advanced vapers who favour a larger battery and a soft-touch design. The ePod is more suited to people who favour an ultra-minimalistic and modern approach to vaping. 

Vype & Vuse Pods Prefilled Cartridges at myCigara

Here at Cigara, our customers rely on us to stock products from the best brands in the vape industry. That is why we are proud to promote a wide range of Vype devices and refill cartridges. This brand stands out from the crowd for their slimline devices and insistence on using quality materials and ingredients.

With our UK free delivery policy, it has never been more affordable to buy your Epen 3 Device or Epod Device. Browse through our range of Vype refill cartridges today to complete your set. If your in search of the best ePods by Vype then why not take a ready through our top 5 best pods guide. Vype has now also transitioned to Vuse from a branding prospective to find out more read through our guide.