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Discover our full range of Vuse vape products here, including beginner-friendly Vuse disposable vapes, sustainable Vuse pod kits and corresponding prefilled pods for a hassle-free experience. Whatever your needs, you’ll find the perfect Vuse vape product to fulfil them.


Vuse, formerly known as Vype, is among the most popular names on the UK vaping scene. They’re perhaps best known for their pod kits, which work in tandem with Vuse pods to deliver an authentic alternative to real cigarettes.

What’s more, Vuse has recently entered the realm of disposables. Vuse disposable vapes contain the same nic salt formula found in Vuse pods but can be enjoyed in a low-maintenance and disposable format. Here’s a quick rundown of what Vuse have to offer:

Pod Kits & Pods

There are currently 3 Vuse pod kits on the market— Vuse ePen 3, Vuse ePod 2 and the brand new Vuse Pro. The Vuse Pro is the new and improved version of the ePod 2 and is compatible with original Vuse ePods and new Vuse Pro Pods. Meanwhile, the Vuse ePen 3 is soon to be discontinued. View our full range of Vuse pod kits.

Disposable Vapes

Vuse GO was the first Vuse disposable vape to hit the scene. Since then, Vuse has gone on to release the Vuse GO 700 and Vuse GO 800 Edition 01, both of which are designed to deliver a hassle-free experience that requires no setup. Head over to our Vuse disposable vapes page to see the full range.

Frequently Asked Questions - Vuse FAQs

1. What Is Vuse?

Vuse is an e-cigarette brand known for producing some of Britain’s best-loved vape kits. Each Vuse e cig is designed to provide a satisfying mouth-to-lung experience that serves as a healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes. With multiple Vuse pod kits and Vuse disposable vapes to choose from, available in a variety of different strengths, you can find a Vuse device to accompany you along every step of your quit smoking journey.

2. How Many Vuse Vapes Are There?

In total, there are currently six Vuse UK devices. However, with the release of some new devices, the Vuse landscape is changing and a few Vuse products won’t be around for much longer.

When it comes to pod kits, there are currently three Vuse vapes available; the Vuse ePod 2, Vuse ePen 3 and Vuse Pro. It’s important to note that the Vuse Pro is the latest upgraded version of the Vuse ePod2, and is set to fully replace it. Meanwhile, the Vuse ePen 3 is soon to be discontinued in favour of the new Vuse Pro.

In terms of disposables, there are currently three Vuse disposable vape devices; the Vuse GO, Vuse GO 700 and Vuse GO Edition 01. The latter two devices are set to replace the original Vuse GO disposable vape.

3. How Many Vuse Flavours Are There?

There are currently over 25 different Vuse flavours to choose from, spanning both the Vuse pod and disposable vape ranges. Vuse is known for offering plenty of blends that appeal to ex-smokers such as Creamy Tobacco, Chilled Mint and Peppermint Tobacco. Still, they’ve thrown in plenty of exciting blends too like Very Berry and Strawberry Ice to cater to more adventurous vape fans.

4. Where To Buy Vuse: Vuse Vape Near Me

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