Top 5 Elf Bar Mate Pods

by Theo Wilson
Best Elf Bar Mate 500 Pod Flavours Ranked

Best Elf Bar Mate 500 P1 Pod Flavours Ranked

The Elf Bar vape brand have become one of the biggest names in the industry, so when they released their new line of Elf Bar P1 Pods, it’s fair to say we were pretty thrilled. Designed for use with their new pod vape kit, the Elf Bar Mate 500, the Elf Bar P1 Pods looked set to deliver much of the same delicious flavour and rich nicotine satisfaction that fans had come to expect from their disposable vapes.

Both new and old fans have fallen in love with Elf Bar P1 Pods, and that comes as no surprise. Each vape pod is filled to the brim with 2ml of tasty Elf Bar nic salts in a robust 20mg strength, so you’ll get all of the bold flavour, smooth throat hits, and swift, steady nicotine satisfaction that you’ve come to expect from this brand.

The biggest bonus here, however, is that Elf Bar vape have used a unique, dual-coil build for each vape pod, thus ensuring that the flavours feels as fresh from first puff to last. So, the Elf Bar P1 Pods range is sounding pretty great; let’s take a closer look at some of their absolutely most delicious and most desired flavours.

5.  Blue Razz Lemonade P1 Pods

Blue Razz Lemonade has risen rapidly to become a favourite Elf Bar vape flavour, and indeed a vape juice jewel across the industry more generally.

There’s no real surprise or secret to it; just imagine being able to harness the electrifying nostalgia of an ice-cool Blue slushie whenever you need it, cooly curbing cravings in one fell swoop, be they for nicotine or simply a sweet treat.

Not merely a masterclass in majestic, mystifying Blue Razz flavour, these vape pods kick things up another notch by swirling it into another summertime stunner, the indelibly iconic notes of zesty Lemonade.

Cheek-suckingly tart and with just the right amount of fizz, they play the perfect foil to the head-spinning sweetness and icy rush of the Blue Razz basenotes. As we rouse ourselves creakily from the claws of winter and look ahead to the sunniest of seasons just around the corner, this is one flavour you won’t want to be without.

Surely no shock, but this dynamic duo is flying off the shelves, so make sure to stock up and get ready for refreshment royalty with Blue Razz Lemonade.


4. Kiwi Passionfruit Guava P1 Pods

This tropical triad have been tempting taste buds and topping wishlists for a while now, and rightly so, being exactly the kind of vibrant, vivid flavour that has brought Elf Bar vape to a wider audience.

A sultry, sun-soaked smorgasbord of enlivening flavours, these vape pods are sure to sit right amongst anyone who wants a vape that will really stir their soul and wake them up.

Combining the lush, fuzzy sweetness of Kiwi with the bright and zesty spark of Passionfruit, all underscored by the unmistakably tart and refreshing taste of Guava, this is a joyful juice that’s guaranteed to shake you from your winter blues and spread sunny vibes throughout your spirit.

A fruity fiesta that’s a surefire way to get your taste buds tingling and your cravings cooled, Kiwi Passionfruit Guava from Elf Bar is scintillating, satisfying, and certain to see you soothed and smiley.


3. Grape Elf Bar P1 Pods

A timeless fruit favourite, these vape pods prove that try as you might, you can’t knock the classics. Grape P1 pods from Elf Bar vape really put the juiciness in vape juice, providing a luscious, fuss-free flavour profile that’s royally refreshing and truly time-honoured.

An earthy, deep sweetness offset by a crisp and invigorating tangy streak running throughout? Don’t be taken aback if you end up going ga-ga for Grape.

Imagine grabbing a generous handful of ripe, oozingly plump black Grapes and squeezing them straight down your throat? Are you imagining it? Good, that’s essentially what you’ll get from these vape pods, with the added wicked kick of swift, steady nicotine relief and oh-so full-bodied throat hits.

Succulently sweet, yet with a subtle sourness to keep things interesting, this is one fruity firebrand you won’t want to miss.

Sure, other profiles may have more “exciting” or “unconventional” tones, but when something’s this classic, you know it always crops up again for a reason. If you’re for fruit, then let loose the juice, and grab some Grape.


2. Pink Lemonade P1 Pods

Another fresh-faced favourite across the whole vaping scene, Pink Lemonade is one of the flavours that fans cannot get enough of —and arguably, nobody does it better than Elf Bar vape.

Fizzy and fragrant, this citrus champion has some added cool complexity that’s helped see it become a mouthwatering must-try.

Few things can beat the sight, on a swelteringly sunny day, of a tall glass of freshly squeezed Lemonade, beads of condensation dripping glacially down its sides, beckoning and tempting you toward a refreshment so invigorating that the mere thought of it is enough to drive you wild...Heady stuff, isn’t it?

Well, Elf Bar Pink Lemonade ups the ante even further, spiking that lush Lemonade flavour with a bold, bright blend of Pink fruits including the grandiose grapefruit and a mystery mix of summer berries. Sweet, sour, so satisfying, so electrifying, this sunshiney superstar is well-deserving of our silver medal spot when it comes to the best Elf Bar P1 pods flavours.

Somehow, though, if you can believe, we found a flavour that’s even fresher...


1. Watermelon P1 Pods

Give a warm welcome to our well-deserved winner, Watermelon P1 pods from Elf Bar vape.

Anyone who’s been paying attention to the vaping scene over the past couple of years knows that Watermelon is perhaps the number flavour on vape fans’ lips —both literally and metaphorically.

A heavenly hero of hydration, Watermelon has an absolutely unmistakable flavour, truly unique.

We like to talk about how various fruit vapes are refreshing, and indeed they are, but none quite hold a candle to Watermelon in that respect.

Serving up succulent slices of this crisp and crunchy, ripe and ruby-red, drippingly delicious fruit, Watermelon P1 Pods are an ideal vape juice; truly thirst-quenching and quietly sweet, they’re an ideal flavour profile for all-day vaping, sidestepping sickliness to see you surely refreshed time and time again.

Few flavours are more perennially popular than Watermelon, and few brands do vibrant, punchy nic salts better than Elf Bar, so surely this must be a match made in heaven.

The flavour profile of these vape pods may be a cooling caress, but trust us when we say they’re one of the hottest items on the market, so don’t miss out, and wangle yourself some Watermelon today.


Elf Bar Mate P1 Pods at myCigara

At myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. By offering engaging, expert guidance and a wide range of premium products that highlight vaping’s viability as an alternative to smoking, we believe that we come that much closer to achieving our goal.

This mission is further aided by stocking brands like Elf Bar vape. Healthier, cheaper, and most likely tastier than traditional cigarettes, Elf Bar vape products are equal parts user-friendly and straightforwardly satisfying.

If this sounds appealing to you, but you need to take a step back for a broader overview, head over to our beginner’s guide, new to vaping. There, you’ll find a brief walkthrough to vaping more generally, plus links to our range of user guides.

If you already have that knowledge under your belt, and just want a better sense of how to enjoy Elf Bar P1 Pods, don’t miss our new Elf Bar Mate 500 pod kit review! Our aim is alway to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience with vaping. To that end, don’t hesitate to get in touch with any burning questions, or pop in to your nearest myCigara vape shop for a chat with our friendly, expert staff.

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