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Discover our full range of Elfliq nic salts by Elfbar eliquids, available in 12 delicious and iconic Elf Bar flavours. Plus, with our mix & match bundle deal, you can get your hands on 6 Elfliq bottles for just £20!

Elfliq Nic Salts

Following the success of their disposable vapes, Elf Bar has launched a brand new line of nic salt e-liquid so users can enjoy the great taste of Elf Bar flavours in their very own vape kit. These Elf Bar nic salts are available in a range of tasty blends and the 50PG/50VG formula is perfect for ensuring a smooth yet potent vape.

Elf Bar Elfliq Flavours

These Elf Bar nic salts boast an impressive selection of 12 blends. From sparkling soft drinks to icy fruit concoctions, this Elf Bar vape juice ensures there's something to satisfy every palate.

Can't decide which Elfliq flavour to choose? Explore our exclusive bundle offer on all Elfliq bottles and discover your ultimate favourite blend. Here's a sneak peek at just a few of the enticing Elfliq flavours available:

Blueberry Sour Raspberry
Apple Peach
Kiwi Passionfruit Guava
Pink Lemonade
Elfbull Ice
Cream Tobacco
Cotton Candy Ice
Pink Grapefruit

Key Features

When using Elfliq e-liquid, you’re free to choose the right nicotine strength to suit your needs. With both 10mg and 20mg options available, Elfliq eliquid is a great way to slowly lower your nicotine intake.

Elfliq nic salts feature a balanced PG/VG ratio which helps to deliver maximum flavour and smoother throat hits with a discreet amount of vapour.

This Elf Bar e-liquid contains the same great formula and iconic flavours found in their disposables, providing a more sustainable and flexible alternative to disposable vapes.

Frequently Asked Questions - Elf Bar Elfliq FAQs

1. Is Elfliq Made By Elf Bar?

Yes, Elfliq is the first ever range of vape juice manufactured by Elf Bar. Known for being one of the most successful disposable vape brands on the planet, Elf Bar have harnessed their expertise and quality and made them available in a handy Elf Bar juice format.

2. Does Elfliq Taste Like Elf Bar?

Yes, Elfliq nic salts are made using the same great nic salt formula found in their disposable vapes. This means you can enjoy the same great taste of their disposables in a more sustainable Elfliq juice format by pairing them with your own pod kit or starter kit.

3. Can You Use Elfliq In Any Vape?

This ElfBar liquid is extremely versatile and can be used in a huge variety of vape kits. For the best experience possible, we recommend pairing Elf Bar nic salts with an MTL device such as a refillable pod kit or vape starter kit with a coil resistance of 0.8Ohm and above.

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