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ElfLiq Nic Salt E Liquid from Elf Bar Vape

ElfLiq is an exciting new series of eliquid from the hugely popular Elf Bar Vape brand. Best known for their ready-to-use vape products, ElfLiq nic salts represent a big step forward for the brand as their first ever standalone eliquid, ready to be enjoyed with a variety of vape kits.

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ElfLiq Nic Salts UK Vape Deals

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We know vapers enjoy the chance to both mix and match and stock up when it comes to eliquid flavours. That’s why our ElfLiq nic salts from Elf Bar are available as part of our 6 for £20 offer on all nic salts. Plus, when you shop online with us you’ll be able to earn loyalty points from your very first purchase, so you can reap rewards next time you shop.

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ElfLiq Nic Salts by Elf Bar Flavours

The ElfLiq nic salts range is the exact same liquid as used in Elf Bar disposables, so you can expect many of the same delicious flavours that you’ve come to know and love. Or, if you’re a veteran vape user but new to Elf Bar, ElfLiq nic salts can serve as a great introduction to the brand’s flavour profiles.

At the moment, the Elf Bar flavours currently available in the ElfLiq nic salts range include:

Elf Bar ElfLiq Pink Grapefruit
Elf Bar ElfLiq Apple PeachElf Bar ElfLiq Blue Razz Lemonade
Elf Bar ElfLiq Blueberry
Elf Bar ElfLiq Blueberry Sour Raspberry
Elf Bar ElfLiq Cotton Candy Ice
Elf Bar ElfLiq Cream Tobacco
Elf Bar ElfLiq Elfbull Ice
Elf Bar ElfLiq Kiwi Passionfruit Guava
Elf Bar ElfLiq Pink Lemonade
Elf Bar ElfLiq Spearmint
Elf Bar ElfLiq Watermelon
Elf Bar ElfLiq Cherry
Elf Bar ElfLiq Cherry Cola
Elf Bar ElfLiq Cola
Elf Bar ElfLiq Grape
Elf Bar ElfLiq Mango
Elf Bar ElfLiq Peach Ice
Elf Bar ElfLiq Strawberry Ice
Elf Bar ElfLiq Strawberry Ice Cream
Elf Bar ElfLiq Strawberry Kiwi

ElfLiq Nic Salts by Elf Bar - FAQs

Can you get Elf Bar Vape Juice?

ElfLiq nic salts are the first ever standalone vape juice from the Elf Bar vape brand. Now you can enjoy genuine Elf Bar vape juice in conjunction with any vape kit you like. ElfLiq nic salts are the same nic salts you’ve come to know and enjoy in disposables like the Elf Bar 600, or prefilled pods like the Elf Bar P1 pods.

Is Elf Bar VG or PG?

No vape product is either purely VG or PG, these are simply two of the main ingredients in any vape juice. That being said, Elf Bar ElfLiq nic salts feature an even 50:50 VG:PG ratio. This gives a balanced profile with bold yet not overpowering flavour, and moderate vapour.

Is 20mg of Salt Nicotine a lot?

20mg is the most common strength for nic salts eliquid, and is the standard strength option for disposable vapes and prefilled pods. ElfLiq nic salts are available in 20mg, but also a milder 10mg strength. 20mg is considered a moderate nicotine strength; it’s designed to curb cravings for those who have recently started vaping as a way to quit smoking. If you are not normally a vaper or smoker, you may find that 20mg is too strong. However, we always stress that vape products should not be used by non-smokers or non-vapers; vape products exist to help smokers quit smoking.

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